Childhood memories affect the rest of your life

The memory of parents is directly related to the future of the child.
It is reported Sotsportal with reference to Haytek +.
The memory of parents directly affects bodily health and well-being, according to a new study by US psychologists. And these memories affect us all our lives, regardless of whether they are true or not.
In life, events can occur that change our view of the past, but not always an objective reality or what actually happened affects us, says lead author William Chopik, a professor at the University of Michigan. – What really affects adults is how we psychologically interpret events and create memories. In short: our memory of childhood predetermines health and depression even if it is not based on reality.
Thus, according to an article in the journal Health Psychology, our memories can be the key to lifelong health and well-being.
Parents in their memories are cold and inattentive, while healthy people remember their childhood bright and joyful.
These data were obtained by psychologists on the basis of a study of two age groups: the first consisted of 7,000 middle-aged adults, whose state of health was assessed for 18 years, the second of 15,000 people over 60, who were observed for more than six years, says Futurity.
Despite the fact that the memories and attitudes change over the years, the physical and mental effects resulting from the perception of the image of the parents do not disappear over time. For example, the feeling of resentment may remain with a person for years.
Still, it is possible to make corrections to the negative effect of childhood memories, Chopik said. How exactly – this will be devoted to his next study.
False memories of their own childhood – a fairly common phenomenon. In the course of a large-scale study of British scientists, it was found that almost 40% of the participants invented the events of their early years, but are not aware of this.