“It’s not just about cold, about someone over slide”

Live Smarter #7: Why in Anna’s marriage to have Sex with other partners is allowed

For the past 16 years, the author and Podcasterin Anna lives together cinnamon with her husband Max, and for eight years they have an open relationship. As the two gave some time ago you tied the knot, they wanted to change that. “So the people who were close to us, was clear: The now has no end,” says Anna.

And that is why Anna and Max still have Affairs with other partners, even though they are a married couple. You use Tinder, snogging on the parties and may fall in love even. But there are rules that have established the two. “No one in the circle of friends is allowed,” explains Anna. “And it gives the right of veto. My husband and I can both say that fits me.” And, although jealousy for the two is not too big a issue. Without the concerns, you do not come out but still: “The fear of an unwanted pregnancy by someone else, of course, was also a big issue.”

The Sex is in the Meeting with other men and women in the center, but in the relationship model, there is more to it. Anna enjoys the trust and of General openness: “for Us, this honesty has been good.”

How has changed the relationship of the two through the open love life? What rules were set up by Anna and Max? And how and where you will meet all your Affairs?

The answers are there in the new episode of the “Smarter life”.

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