Britney Spears Wants You to Know That She Actually Works on Every Perfume She Launches

Simply put: Britney Spears stays winning. Do I even bother going down her list of accomplishments? It doesn't even matter. Britney is playing in a league all her own. The definition of a living legend, the blueprint of a pop star, a thriving mogul, an unproblematic queen.

Accolades aside, the thing that makes Ms. Spears a true winner is that she doesn’t give a fuck about your opinions. She never has. Why would she? She’s Britney, bitch. She’s living her best life in Vegas, dude. She's on her third residency (and you'll remember, she was the first contemporary pop star to have a permanent show in the desert. She earned the right to have her fans come to her. And they do, in droves.) She’s living away from the glare of the lens, spending time with her family, and doing what she loves, on her time, on her terms.

As an exceptional earner, Britney has one of the biggest perfume empires in history, celebrity or otherwise. Curious by Britney Spears (Do you dare?) debuted in 2004 and became an instant and unprecedented hit. Since then, Britney has made herself into one of the most prolific and recognizable names on the fragrance counter. Even now, when celebrity scents are on the decline, Britney’s scents continue to sell because of one simple fact: They’re good.

Britney has shown us her many sides through her music, and she’s well aware that we’ve seen the parts she’d rather have hidden through the eyes of the paparazzi. She has had her ups and downs, just like us, and while she can seem like the most detached and untouchable pop star today, in some ways, people see themselves in her more than any other celebrity. Britney Spears is every girl. She’s innocent, she’s sexy, she’s playful, she’s vulnerable, she’s goofy. She has good days and she has bad days, but she’s strong, she’s resilient, and today, I think, she’s happy.

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Fourteen years after Curious and 24 perfumes in, there is a Britney scent for every day, every mood, everyone. Her newest scent, Prerogative, is her first perfume not marketed towards a specific gender — it's made for any and everyone. (Every scent can be worn by anyone. Know that. But that’s another article for another time.)

The name is, of course, an homage to her 2004 cover of Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative,” and no doubt a nod to the scent being created for anyone to enjoy, regardless of gender. Prerogative, more than any of her other scents, evokes confidence with the name alone, and in the world of fragrance, that's just as important as the way it smells on the dry down. You’re buying a scent, but you’re also buying an idea, a mood, a lifestyle. Britney has always been about defying labels, daring you to see her as more than one thing: a performer, a sex symbol, a mother, a woman. Prerogative distills that idea into what might be her most exciting scent yet.

I got the chance to ask Britney a few questions about the scent and her life in general. But, sorry — full fan girl moment here — when you get the opportunity to interview the pop star of your lifetime, the girl that you’ve obsessed over for nearly 20 years…what do you ask? I wanted to know about the fragrance, sure, but I wanted to know what makes her keep going back to fragrances, what it's like to get ready with her, how she finds happiness.

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Tell me about your newest fragrance, Prerogative:

Britney Spears: “Prerogative is a fragrance for all of my fans, women and men. I wanted to create a fragrance that says ‘be whoever you want to be — no labels, no judgment.’ None of us are defined by one thing.

“The scent is fruity, earthy and woody with unique notes like Red Goji Berry and Saffron Cream that make it extra special.”

You're the face of one of the most successful fragrance brands in the industry and have had a hand in creating some of today’s most beloved and iconic scents. What is your role in your scents' creations?

BS: "I love being involved in the whole process. I always have this idea in my head of exactly how a fragrance [will] smell. The perfumers will send over a version and we go back and forth until it’s perfect."

Look at any pop star in the industry right now and they’ll probably tell you flat out, that Britney Spears has been a huge influence on their careers. What is it like seeing your influence in the work of a new generation of performers?

BS: "It’s really flattering and it is so nice to see each artist grow."

Tell me what it’s like getting ready with you. Do you do your own makeup? What kind of music do you listen to when you get ready?

BS: "When going to an event I use my amazing glam team. On a regular day I just put my hair in a ponytail and go. I like all kinds of music — depends on the day."

Do you ever get time alone? How do you check in with yourself?

BS: "Every now and then I get some alone time. I like to read or swim or dance."

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What is your favorite way to blow off steam?

BS: "I love practicing yoga at home or treat myself to a massage and facial."

When do you feel most beautiful?

BS: "When my face is makeup free!"

I hear you’re in the studio. What are you most excited about when it comes to your new music?

BS: "I love the creative process: writing, being in the studio, hearing the finished song."

What do you want your legacy to be?

BS: "That’s a good question. I think that I was always true to myself."

A line from "Glory" that really means a lot to me is from “Just Luv Me” when you sang “and you don’t gotta say it, I know that I’m worthy.” Where do you find confidence every day to believe in yourself and your self-worth?

BS: "My two boys."

Prerogative is available now at Kohls and Walmart stores and online. It comes in a body mist ($10), a 1.0 oz ($32), 1.7 oz ($42), and 3.3 oz bottle ($52).

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