Chloë Grace Moretz Channels Debbie Harry With This MAJOR Beauty Moment

You’ve made it. The end of the week is finally here and to celebrate, we've decided to round up our favorite celebrity beauty looks of the week. Whether spotted on the red carpet or while mindlessly scrolling through our Instagram feeds, these major hair and makeup moments made us stop, double tap, and definitely screenshot them for future reference. And don't worry, we're not just talking about A-listers showing off their glowing skin, glossy nude lips, and perfect blowouts (snooze). Oh, no, These are all stars who really went their with their looks this week, whether that's a colorful smoky eye, a smattering of crystal-studded hair accessories, or breaking out the darkest lipstick they could find in their makeup bag. So take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back for making it through another week, and start scrolling to discover some of the coolest beauty inspiration we could find.
Color and Curls: Amandla Stenberg

We've seen a colorful cat eye before, but never one quite like but this. Makeup artist Carola Gonzalez stacked orange and white pigments on top of each other (twice!) and then whittled the edges into a crisp, graphic wing shape. Keeping with the light and whimsy vibe of the makeup, hairstylist Vernon François styled the actress's curls so they were light, airy, and the perfect balance of defined-yet-fluffy.

Purple Haze: Sasha Lane

Our May 2018 cover star looked dreamy with a cloud of glossy purple shadow around her eyes — courtesy of makeup artist Vincent Oquendo. (Notice the touch of silvery highlighter at the inner corners to enhance the wet effect on the lids.) Hairstylist Nai'vasha Johnson followed suit by adding touches of purple and gold throughout the actress's locs.

Silver Studded: Lauryn Hill

When Hill posted this gorgeous shot on her Instagram feed Monday morning (photo by Jack Davidson), we knew it was going to be a good beauty week. It's hard to decide which part of the singer's look we love best: The glitter-covered lids, the velvety red lip, or the smattering of crystal bobby pins that appeal to our inner magpie.

Blondie Vibes: Chloë Grace Moretz

Moretz may have been born long after Debbie Harry and her band came out with "Heart of Glass," but that doesn't stop her and her makeup artist, Mai Quynh, and hairstylist, Gregory Russell, from giving us major '80s vibes with this look: The pink and purple smoky eyes (topped with sparkle no less), the gorgeous draping, the super glossy lip, all topped off with mega waves and a hair flip any mall chick would be jealous of.

Lipstick Lover: Tracee Ellis Ross

Ellis Ross got a shoutout on Instagram from the Queen Mother of makeup — artist and entrepreneur Pat McGrath — when the actress swiped on one of her Matte Trance Lipsticks (we believe in the shade Deep Void) in honor of National Lipstick Day. We love how she paired the blackened purple shade with black pencil along the waterlines of her eyes, mascara, and a touch of rosy blush.

Monochromatic Magenta: Dascha Polanco

One look at this picture of the Orange Is the New Black star and we immediately want to wear hot pink eye shadow every day of the week. Makeup artist Keita Moore shows us how it's done — using a matte powder, blurring out the edges, adding a similar color in the waterlines, and then grounding it all with a thick line of black along her top lashes and lots of mascara. Hairstylist Felicia Burrows framed his handiwork with a high curly ponytail that's the perfect hairstyle to keep you looking cool no matter how hot or humid it gets outside.

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