Ellie Goulding Has Nailed The #BottleCapChallenge

ICYMI #BottleCapChallenge is the new viral trend blowing up on social media and celebs are flocking to show off their spin kick skills attempting it.

Ellie Goulding is one A-lister putting her rewnowned ring experience to good use to nail the challenge, which involves kicking the cap off a bottle without knocking it over. She also had a feminist, environmentally-friendly message accompanying her video.

“This challenge is way too much of a ? fest for my liking…. STOP USING PLASTIC BOTTLES SUCKERS”

Watch her #BottleCapChallenge below. 

The singer also nominated Stella McCartney, Cara Delevinge, and Karlie Kloss to take on the challenge. Big names like John Mayer and Jason Statham have shared their epic efforts, as well as thousands of others around the world. 

The challenge first gained traction when ACRONYM designer Errolson Hugh posted a video of his successful attempt to Instagram, and challenged MMA champ Max Holloway to try it next.

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