Less Sitting and more exercise protects against premature death

How does Sitting on our risk of premature death?

You work predominantly in a Sitting position or you might spend a large part of their leisure time on the Sofa? If this applies to you, then you should stand up more often and move, even if it is only a short walk in the office. Doctors found out now that the time people spend Sitting, it should be by the time in motion or replaced, interrupted, in order to protect themselves from premature death.

The scientists from the Columbia University found in their study that the replacement of time Sitting, can protect by moving more people from the risk of premature death. The researchers published the results of their study in the English journal “the American Journal of Epidemiology”.

Sufficient movement of the day is important for the health of

Even short periods in which people move, bring health benefits, the experts explain. A short walk is beneficial, says study author Dr. Keith Diaz from Columbia University. Time periods the movement can continue for only a Minute, it’s more that they receive in the course of the entire day is enough exercise or activity that adds to the physician. For example, you can go at work to walk to a colleague to ask him any questions, to contact him via phone. To reduce the time of sitting, and increase your activity.

Data from nearly 8,000 people were evaluated for the study

In their study, the scientists analyzed data from almost 8,000 adults in the United States at the age of 45 years or older. These had participated in a study on the risk of stroke. Each of the Participants wore for a period of between four and seven days, a so-called activity Tracker. Overall, the participants spent during your waking time in the day to an average of 694 minutes or 11.5 hours in a Sitting position.

30 minutes more of exercise a day will have a major impact

After taking into account factors such as age, gender, race, Smoking, and a variety of potential health problems, the Team noted that the replacement of Sitting through exercise reduces the risk of death. When people replace 30 minutes of your time in a Sitting position in the course of the day through 30 minutes of activity with lower intensity, this reduces the risk of premature death by about 17 percent. When the Sit was replaced by a 30-minute activities, such as Running or Cycling, reduced the risk of premature death by 35 percent. These benefits, however, could not be detected only in subjects, which were particularly active.

There were limitations in the study?

One of the limitations of the latest study that has not been studied whether the results also apply in the case of younger people that movement data were only collected for a short period of time, health data were only collected at a certain time, and the Participants were only monitored over a short period of time medically. Nevertheless, the following applies: Sitting is harmful and increases your risk of premature death, regardless of whether you sit a short time or long time Sitting spend, explains Dr. Diaz. (as)