More dangerous than Ecstasy and LSD: drug “Wizard” on a Death March

It is more dangerous than Ecstasy and LSD With “Wizard” is apparently a new designer drug on the rise. Even tiny amounts can be fatal. It was discovered the substance by a German scientist.

A new fashion drug flooded the Australian market. Even small amounts of “Wizard” can be fatal, reported the according to The report, the drug has claimed several lives. A victim about died, after it had ran and ran against trees and power poles. Wizard was sold in pill form, or as flakes. The effect is similar to Ecstasy and LSD, but much stronger.

Australian authorities, according to the Wizard belong to a group of new and increasingly consumed the deadly drug, the floods currently in the Australian market. You could cause hallucinations, psychosis, extreme aggression, heart palpitations, cramps, dizziness, and nerve and organ damage.

Substance developed in Germany

These drugs include 25I-NBOMe. The substance is not very old and comes from Germany. A scientist at the Free University of Berlin, discovered in 2003 in the framework of a doctoral thesis.

The drug could be easily confused, said a police spokesman ““. “People take it in the false assumption that it was Ecstasy or LSD, but this is clearly not the kind of drug. It is much more effective. It is very, very dangerous.“

A millionth of a gram is sufficient to

Also in Europe drugs with this active ingredient have already surfaced. So the addiction help in Vienna, reported in March 2013 that it had discovered during the trial of three alleged LSD-Trips with the unknown substance, which had already appeared several times in various European countries. The effect of the substance spent in micrograms, a millionth of a gram is sufficient. To the naked eye, the proper dosage was so hard to.

The page reported that 25I-NBOMe is, since 2010, also on the German market and first of all on the Internet and, later, on the road has been sold. After the Overdose, there have already been deaths.