Pouring of lead: Why the new year’s eve tradition in 2018, is prohibited

Pouring of lead is an age-old custom, and a party of fun on new year’s eve. Up until this year. Because in the year 2018, the bleigieß sets from the shops are gone. Reason, more stringent limits are for the protection of children.

The development may be contrary to some of the tradition lovers. But before the health hazards of lead European authorities to warn and the Federal environmental Agency already for a long time. Especially for children, the environmental toxin is harmful.

While for jewelry, toys and alloys, in the meantime, lead limits will apply, except for the massive lead in the casting Sets of them so far. This has changed in April 2018.

Why pouring of lead for children is so dangerous

“Sweden has sought to draw a solid lead as the development of harmful code,” explains Prof. Dr. Thomas Schupp of the FH Münster.

The discrepancy is high: In the case of water colors, for example, is from April the limit for lead at 0.5 milligrams per kilogram and in the case of alloys, the lead content must not exceed the value of 0.3 percent. During its existence the most bleigieß sets the toxins to be free, according to “Stiftung Warentest” to 70 percent of lead and the casting.

During the Heating of lead-toxic lead oxides are formed, which can be absorbed through the respiratory tract. The touch of the figures lead to get to the hands and in the case of children easily in the mouth.

The heavy metal can cause damage to the nervous system, brain, kidney and liver. Even small amounts can affect the offspring’s intelligence. The lead characters are special waste.

Alternative: Wax Casting

The official From-for pouring of lead to not comes new year’s eve 2018 is quite surprising. Already a year ago, the trend was: Thomas Schreiber, chief of the Pyro-company WECO fireworks, said the website “Bento” that he had taken with a heavy heart, the pouring of lead is already new year’s eve 2017 from the assortment: “I didn’t know that someone can lead back to its long-term injuries is demonstrably to the pouring of lead.”

Thinking about nothing now. Who does not want to dispense with the Tradition, should use wax instead of lead, recommends the German Federal environment Agency. Also, the non-toxic Tin is not a possible replacement, even if the characters succeed quite as nice.

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