Sam Frost Bravely Opens Up Following Cancer Scare

This morning, radio host Sam Frost bravely revealed that she’s set to undergo surgery to remove “high risk” cells found during a routine pap smear.

The 28 year-old urges fans not to worry because she is fine and the procedure is preventative. She has a “high grade” abnormality, with “quite a bit of pre-cancerous cells.” Which is scary as all hell to be honest, but Sam was quick to say she was doing fine.

Sam revealed that while it’s painful and uncomfortable to get a pap smear, she is taking this health scare as an opportunity to raise awareness around ovarian cancer.

“Go to the doctor’s and get a pap smear!” she demanded of her listeners. “It is so uncomfortable and it’s the worst, I know so many of my friends put it off – but if you don’t catch it then obviously it advances in to scarier things but if you get it at this stage, easy peasy, no dramas, nice simple procedure.” Said Frost.

Watch Sam’s full message here.

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