This Is Officially The Most Popular Dry Shampoo In Australia

Let’s be honest, by the time Friday rolls around we’re basically just a bucket of caffeine and a cloud of dry shampoo. So when it comes to getting rid of greasy roots and adding volume to lank locks, we’re always after the best option in the biz. 

According to new data, Batiste has taken that crown. Stats show they’re the top selling dry shampoo in Australia and around 2.25 cans of the stuff fly of shelves around the world, every single second.

The best part? It’s seriously affordable with a 200ml can costing under $10.

It also has some huge celeb fans with Jenna Dewan swearing by it in a recent YouTube tutorial. 

“This is a shining product,” the actor and dancer said. This is from the drugstore. It’s been used on me since I was in dance recitals, my entire life.”

Jenna says she uses it when she doesn’t want to wash her hair, or she just wants to give it a bit of extra “grit” when styling an up-do.

“It’s just the best find. Take it from a dance recital girl.”

We’re sold. 

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