What Your Eyebrows Say About You

Eyebrows are the ultimate truth tellers. Not only do they play a vital role in our everyday makeup routine but they also do a pretty good job at spelling out your body language – loud and clear.

According to a recent study by Benefit and Dr. Javid Sadr, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge in Canada, those double arches can reveal your immediate evaluations (that black matte lipstick looks great), unspoken requests (don’t even worry about emptying the dishwasher) and unveil your true emotions (yes this is exactly the haircut I asked for, thanks.) Here’s how to decode yours…

“When someone is happy, they look relaxed and neutral. The brows ride calmly over eyes with slightly tightened lower lids and radiation laugh lines out of each side,” says Sadar. Typically, the mouth is pulled outward, plumping up the cheeks above. When paired with raised eyebrows signalling surprise, happiness can be elevated to delight. 

… create them

If you’re aiming for those brows give a more cheerful vibe, pay close attention to the

Arch says Benefit Australia’s National Brow Artist, Hannah Terrett. “When filling in your brows, measure from the outer portion of the nose, across the centre of the eye and that will show you where your brow is naturally the highest.” Take a micro-lining pencil like Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow pencil and begin making a few strokes slightly above that natural hairline. Working above that hairline will actually add height to the arch.

Brows are slightly furrowed just above the nose. The effect is heightened by haughty, pursed eyes and a tight, smirking mouth pulled to the side for an extra dose of attitude. 

… create them

To fake a sassy look, simply bring the brows closer together. “Measure straight up from the dimple of the nose to the beginning portion of the brow. This is where your brow ideally starts. Bringing those points just a few millimetres closer together will also make the eyes appear a bit closer together and give you smiling eyes,” says Terrett. To create shape when it’s not quite there, use a combination of wax and powder like Benefit Brow zings. Remember to create a gentle fade by blending the powder through the entire brow so as not to look too severe.

Brows ride neither high nor low and don’t scrunch together. They are calm and neutral, framing eyes that maintain direct contact—with a bit of crinkling to the side and below. Brows show no sign of anger or distress.

… create them

Confidence is about owning what you’ve got! To give your brows a confidence boost you need to enhance their natural shape. Stray hairs around the brow can look less confident and more carless so make sure to pay your brow expert a visit. Next, grab a fast filling and shaping pencil like Benefit’s Goof Proof to create a wash of colour across the brow. Use small hair like strokes and blend to create that perfect balance of cute and confident.

4. Sad

Eyebrows are brought together above the nose, but lowered at the sides and raised up in the middle, sending ripples up the forehead. It was Darwin who connected sadness with this striking ‘obliquity of the eyebrows’— high at the centre then sloping down toward the edges. The corners of the mouth are usually pulled down, too, but those eyebrows are more than enough to make your sad feelings known.

Brows and eyelids are lowered slightly, the nose wrinkled, and the lips tightened sideways. This is a mild, internet-age version of a ‘contempt’ face, as Darwin would put it, and it isn’t really neutral.

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Brows are relaxed and eye contact is maintained with a slight knowing smile. Then when the moment is right, one brow is subtly raised. To take your seduction to the next level, use brow flashes and a shy smile for a catch-and-release game of eye contact. 

… create them

If want to give your arches more sex-appeal, start by creating a smooth line along the perimeter of the brow with a cream gel product like Benefit’s Kabrow to open up the eye and frame your face. Then, highlighting underneath the brow is a must. A champagne gold highlighter like Highbrow Glow will open up the eye and give those ‘subtle eyebrow raises’ a big impact.

Eyebrows are pulled down over the eyes and compressed together over the nose in a furrowed, corrugated crumple. Without the those scrunched-up brows, the rest of the face can’t get nearly fierce enough to tell the world to back off!

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