Artificial insemination increases the risk of a premature birth?

Almost every tenth child in Germany, according to the world health organization (WHO) in Germany before the age of 37. Week of pregnancy to the world, so at least three weeks early. Due to the good medical care in this country that not long ago always problems. Even a premature baby, weighing at birth less than 1000 grams, now have good chances of Survival. However, the shorter a pregnancy lasts, the greater the health risks for the children.

Typically, problems with Breathing or with the heart. Also, the development of the brain can be affected and thereby also the mental faculties. The child weighs at birth less than 2500 grams, it is also too easy.

Risk factor artificial insemination

The reasons for premature birth are many and varied and not usually determine clearly. According to the doctors, infections can also play a role such as Smoking, Stress, multiple pregnancies, age and the socioeconomic Status of the parents. Also artificial insemination is according to several studies, as a risk factor.

According to a study from the year 2014, the risk for a miscarriage after artificial insemination was approximately twice as high compared to a natural conception. Moreover, the studied children were three times as likely to easy. The researchers suspected that during the artificial fertilization of the Egg and sperm cells could have been damaged, which could have contributed to a higher Rate of premature births. More precisely, this assumption has not been investigated, however.

Surgery not are more likely to experience premature births

A new study suggests that it is not the artificial insemination leads to the higher Rate of premature births. Crucial factors that affect couples with conception problems, in General, be rather, researchers write in the journal “The Lancet”.

They had analyzed the data of 1245 brothers and sisters, born between 1995 and 2000 in Finland, and at least one of which, of course, and one of them had been conceived by means of artificial insemination. The researchers assume that the parents are still in the majority of cases, the same – to understand they could not, on the basis of anonymised data.

Your result: After artificial insemination, the children were similar to early or too easily on the world as their naturally conceived siblings. The scientists therefore suspect that the cause for preterm birth is more likely to look at the parents and not the surgery itself.

Mental Discharge

Why children of couples with conception problems, and an increased risk for a preterm birth is still unclear. “Probably the reduced fertility of the self plays a role,” says Alice Goisis from the Max-Planck-Institute for demographic research (MPDIDR) in Rostock, which has contributed to the study.

The result of the Study could help couples, the decision to doubt, whether they should decide for or against artificial insemination. “Couples with infertility do not have to decide against artificial insemination because it increase because supposedly the birth risks for your child,” says Mikko Myrskylä, author of the study and Director of the MPDIDR.

There are games for the Psyche of the parents have a large role in whether or not you need to take for your children is an increased risk in the purchase, nothing can change, or whether you want to increase the risk for their children, willingly.

The number of artificial inseminations has increased in Germany in recent years. According to the German IVF-Register, came in the year 2015 in Germany, about 20,000 babies were born after artificial insemination.