Mandy Moore Pens a Sweet Tribute to Her Cutie Pie Son Gus on His 2nd Birthday & He Really Is the ‘Brightest Light’

Mandy Moore’s son Gus is officially not a baby anymore! The newly minted 2-year-old looks all grown up in a new video, and we can’t get over how cute he is.

The This Is Us star, who shares Gus and 4-month-old son Ozzie with husband Taylor Goldsmith, shared a video and several photos of her toddler on Instagram today. Gus seems to have perfectly memorized his lines in the videos, and he couldn’t be cuter.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Goldsmith asks his son. The blonde-haired Gus gives him a toothy grin back and says, “August.” He looks so proud of himself for knowing the right answer, too, and OMG it’s adorable.

Next, the Dawes frontman asks, “How old are you?”

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“Two!” Gus quickly responds, before turning away and moving to get off the chair. His lines are delivered, his time on camera is done…or so he thinks. But since Gus is so cute, Goldsmith can’t resist asking again, “Hey, wait, wait, look at me. How old are you?”

Gus pauses, turns around, and looks right at his dad. “August,” he confidently replies, thinking maybe he has to run his lines again. Goldsmith laughs and asks again, “How old are you?” Gus says, “Two” and walks away. He knows the answers to two questions in a certain order, and that’s it, OK?

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