Priyanka Chopra Shares The Sweetest Picture of Baby Malti Enjoying New York City

Priyanka Chopra brought her mini-me to a trip to New York City this week, and the resulting photos are so precious! Her 8-month-old daughter, Malti Marie, whom she shares with husband Nick Jonas, is the cutest travel partner in the Big Apple, as she gets to cuddle on her mama’s lap and look out over the famous skyline.

“Our first trip to the big 🍎😍🧿,” the Citadel star captioned a post on Instagram yesterday.

She also shared two photos from their hotel room. In the first, Chopra is sitting in the window wearing a cute floral-print button-down shirt and skirt set, hair pinned back in a clip and with bare feet resting on the ledge. Her daughter is sitting on her lap, simply gazing out the window. Baby Malti is wearing a light blue outfit with giraffes.

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It’s such a sweet moment, and we can’t help but wonder what little MM must think as she gazes down at the cars that look like toys. Is she longing for a famous NYC bagel? Longing to see the Statue of Liberty? She would probably enjoy anything if she could do it with her mama.

In the next picture, Chopra takes a selfie of her and Malti, this time, Malti is wearing a white onesie and holding her mama’s hand. You can even see her little toes resting in the window, simply enjoying the view.

Nina Dobrev commented on the cute post, “best accessory in life 😍.” And Designer Diane von Furstenberg wrote, “Sooooo gorgeous.”

The actress, who is starring in the upcoming Ending Things, also posted about her trip to her Instagram Stories. “It’s a walk in the park.. ❤️,” she cheekily wrote, alongside a photo of her and Malti walking through Central Park.

Chopra’s dressed casually in shorts, a jean jacket, a white bucket hat, and sunglasses, while Malti wears a floral romper with pink tennis shoes and a green bow headband. She’s cuddling with her mom as they walk through the park, and it’s adorable!

The Bollywood dancer is in NYC to speak at the General Assembly of the United Nations. She wrote about her experience yesterday, “Walking through the gates of the United Nations this morning to speak at UNGA for the second time, as a proud representative of @unicef, gave me real pause.”

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She talked about talking about “action, ambition, and hope” to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Chopra also participated in the Transforming Education Summit. “It’s hard to believe that nearly 2/3 of children across the low- middle- and high-income countries cannot read and comprehend a simple story. The system has failed them,” she wrote.

It’s unclear if Jonas is in NYC with his wife and daughter, but the two did just have an amazing getaway for the singer over the weekend. Chopra surprised him with a golfing trip filled with family and friends for his 30th birthday.

Chopra and Jonas know how to have fun and advocate for a better world, which is an awesome example for little Malti!

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