The Best Halloween Costumes for the Whole Fam (Even Grandma)


Halloween can be fraught with endless searching to find the perfect costume for your tiny monster (pun fully intended.) Checking every store, every Pinterest board, every mom blog, finally finding the exact costume your child wants (located three towns over, of course) only to have them change their mind the night before when they discover all their friends are being unicorns. Let’s just skip all that, shall we? Having a family costume is basically a prescription for Halloween genius — and makes dressing up as an adult way more tolerable. Because what good is having kids if you can’t force them into a group costume with you? Right? Right.

But family costumes can so easily cross the line from "That’s amazing! How did you guys come up with this?!" to "Oh, um… did you buy the entire Halloween store?" And although we can’t all be Neil Patrick Harris’ family, reigning royalty of the family Halloween costume, there is hope for at least winning Best-Dressed Family on the Block this Halloween. Ahead, we rounded up 15 awesome themed getups for the whole family that will basically guarantee your kids will be psyched about synchronized costuming well into their high school years. Or at least until they’re too old for trick-or-treating. 

The Princess Bride

Image: Bucks Happening Mag.

This costume only gets better the more family members you have; I can imagine adding a Vizzini or Fezzik would be pretty incredible, and maybe an ROUS. I have to say, though, that’s the cutest Inigo I’ve ever seen.

The Grand Budapest Hotel cast


If the folks in your family are fans of Wes Anderson, this is the costume for you. With easily recognizable characters and costume pieces you could probably source entirely from your local secondhand store, this cast of characters is sure to elicit a round of applause from fellow fans of the intensely stylized world of Wes.


Image: Pinimg.
Sure, being a regular-old skeleton for Halloween isn’t terribly original, but thank goodness for Disney’s gorgeous film Coco, which features a musical family in Mexico around Dia de los Muertos. This updated take on a Halloween classic (the skeleton) is bold, colorful and creative. There may be a singalong. Just saying. 

Hocus Pocus

Image: Not So Perfect Parties.

Halloween just isn’t Halloween without Hocus Pocus. Aside from being a truly wonderful movie, this 1993 cult classic has a huge cast of characters to choose from, most notably the three iconic Sanderson sisters. This adorable family, however, chose to focus on Winifred Sanderson, Dani, Billy Butcherson and, of course, the faithful book.

Harry Potter

Image: Paper Pen Polaroid.

Harry Potter’s reach knows no bounds — not the hearts of children and adults around the world, nor their candy-covered doorsteps. A roundup of any costumes from this seven-book series is the perfect family costume, as there are so many characters that span all ages. Why not get Gran in on the action as Professor McGonagall? And to drag the family dog along as Fluffy you just need to give him an extra head. Easy.

Where’s Waldo

Image: Lovely Indeed.

This family Halloween costume is beyond easy to source items for — and oddly chic to boot. Like, we can wear this to work, right? Okay cool. Plus, in this getup, you’ll never lose your kids in the costumed crowd.

Stranger Things

Image: Bloddy Disgusting.

This popular Netflix show took the world by storm with its fab ’80s soundtrack, ’80s hairdos, and of course ’80s outfits. Pretend it’s your own childhood by dressing your kids up as Eleven, Will, Dustin and more with some retro duds you likely already own. Just don’t forget the Eggos — oh, and bonus points for Steve hair. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Image: Dapper Deer.

If you want a family costume that requires a little more face paint (but still normal clothes, which is nice) this is another Wes Anderson-inspired idea that can work for the whole fam. Is this mama the spitting image of Mrs. Fox or what? Happy cussing Halloween, everyone!

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