Natural cosmetics: a Question of rose water promotes healthy skin

Actually, it is rose water-a by-product obtained during the elaborate production of rose oil. By the distillation of the rose petals, the so-called rose Hydrosol: a condensation that contains the essential Oils of the Rose is formed. For this reason, the resulting rose water is also referred to as essential water. It does not contain any fats, acids, or alcohol, for the Vitamin B and C, pectin and tannins – this can improve the appearance of skin: it is anti-bacterial, skin toning, moisturising and circulation-stimulating properties. This makes rose water a very popular ingredient in natural cosmetics. How you apply the beauty product and why it is relatively expensive, is explained in the Following.

This makes rose water so high quality

In contrast to an extract of rose petals, the cheaper the price, is pure rose water to be more expensive in the shopping – this is in the production of rose oil, which is very expensive: a Liter of Oil to win up to 5,000 kg of rose petals are needed. The produced essential water costs up to 50 Euro per Liter. This makes it a natural and high quality, but also not very cheap beauty product in the cosmetics industry.

Effect: rose water for beautiful skin

Due to its health-promoting effect is rose water, primarily for cleaning and care of the skin used. It gives not only moisture, but combats impure skin: its ingredients are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory – as a result, constrict the pores, so that sebum production is reduced and Mittesser be removed. The essential water is not so “-comedogenic”. And that’s not all it has to offer rose water to:

Another tip: Due to its antiseptic effect can rose water help Herpes to fight.

So, you apply rose water on the face correctly

Daily skin care is the natural face of water particularly well. Apply just a few drops on a cotton pad and clean your skin. The rose water penetrates deep into the pores and removes excess sebum. In the same breath, the skin supplies it with sufficient moisture, so that even people with dry Spots can safely grab the rose water. After cleansing, once the skin is dry, you can slather your face with your usual Lotion.

Another tip: the occasional pimple can it with rose water to combat this with a cotton swab soaked in a selective treat.

Is rose water suitable for all skin types?

The answer is simple: Yes. Since rose water contains no fat, it is suitable for all skin types. Both the care as well as for cleaning and preventing pimples and blackheads. Its anti-bacterial action will even help to accelerate the natural healing process of the skin and possible scarring counteract. Due to its skin tightening effect of rose water is touted even as an Anti-Aging product, as it invigorates the skin and moisturized.

Another tip: rose water has a cooling and decongestant effect. This is an effect you can intensify by keeping the beauty product in the refrigerator.

Dry skin: rose water for hair

Rose water is due to its circulation-promoting effect not only for the care of the skin but also the hair. In the Form of a spray can it itchy, sensitive or oily scalp, soothe and dandruff relieve, by it a couple of minutes to massage into the skin. Alternatively, you can also use it as a sort of Conditioner, and towel-dry hair spray that provides moisture and gives them a natural Shine.

Rose water as a soothing Bath additive

In addition to the already-mentioned modes of action rose is said to have water to affect the body positively. The is its fragrance, which is supposed to calm the nerves and relax, for this reason, the essential water is also suitable as Bath additive: Give you just a couple of drops of pure rose water in your bath, so that it can exert its mood-lifting effect.

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