Smooth skin: remove with body scrubs, dead skin shed

A body scrub cleans the skin and frees the shed of dead skin. So the skin is in the long term, smoother, and softer. The application of the scrub is simple and can regularly be part of the care routine. Here you can read what are body scrubs and what it should do. You will also learn how you can establish own scrub.


Five body scrubs in comparison

Here you will find a selection of body scrubs, which are suitable for different needs and skin types.

1. Natural Body Scrub

The body scrub from Meina natural cosmetics relies on naturalness. It is hand-made and is vegan. Coconut oil, organic almond oil and olive oil are supposed to be nurturing and sugar contained exfoliate the skin comfortable.

2. Body scrub for dry skin

Sugar in the body scrub Ritual for the Peeling effect. Nourishing Oils complete the Peeling. The product is suitable especially for dry skin, it contains rice milk and smells of cherry blossoms.

3. Body scrub for blemished skin

Depending on the ingredients peels can have different effects on the skin. The body scrub from Australian Bodycare contains crushed sandalwood nut shells, which the body to gently exfoliate. In addition, the Body Scrub contains natural Australian tea tree oil, is vegan and is particularly suitable for impure skin with pimples.

4. Body scrub for firmer skin

The paraben-free coffee scrub Pra Naturals is made from Colombian coffee beans won, and with essential Oils as well as sea salt mixed. It should have a moisturizing and skin soothing effect on the skin. Due to the contained coffee it’s supposed to stimulate blood circulation and skin firming effect.

5. Shower gel with Peeling effect

Popular are also 2-in-1 products like the shower scrub from Nivea. It combines a nourishing cream with an exfoliating body scrub. Free of parabens and paraffins, it is suited well for normal skin.

What is body scrub?

The word exfoliation comes from the English (to peel), and it means so much as peel or peel. If in the context of a dermatological treatment of body scrub, the speech, the top layer of skin is removed by the fine particles in exfoliating dirt and dead skin flakes. This is possible because, by smooth particles are detached and then can be washed. In addition, the body fragrant scrubs, pleasant and can have nourishing ingredients such as body oils. There are, however, not only body scrub, but even scrubs for face, lips, feet and hands. You must not necessarily use different scrubs, caution only applies to the peeling of the face. The skin is much more sensitive and the exfoliating particles of body scrub may be too rough for the facial skin. Therefore, use facial scrubs that are specially developed.

How often can you make body scrubs?

Less is more, because each time Peeling a part of the Horny layer is removed. You exfoliate your skin too often, you can weaken the natural protective barrier. As well skin types and their needs are very different. You can exfoliate healthy, normal skin safely once per week. If you have oily, skin imperfections and redness, you can perform, however, two scrubs per week. Dry and sensitive skin should treat it more cautiously. You can exfoliate as needed and use mild scrubs with nourishing ingredients. In the case of eczema, wounds or sunburn you should not use any body scrubs, without straining the skin.

Body scrub: What type of salt is suitable for the production?

Body scrub do it yourself

You don’t have to resort to expensive cosmetic products, a good body scrub you can also make cost-effective and sustainable self.


How to: coconut oil is at low temperatures and can be good to a body scrub process. The easily moldable mass, combine with sugar and honey and mix everything well. The Peeling effect is caused by the addition of sugar, while the honey and coconut oil to nourish the skin. The body scrub works best when it has a chewy consistency which is neither too liquid, nor too tight. Also, the homemade scrub for in the shower and wash it again.

What type of salt is suitable for a body scrub?

Of course, you can also use salt instead of sugar. The best is coarse-grained Himalayan salt. If you tend to have sensitive skin, use more sugar and no salt, as it could irritate the sensitive skin.

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