So easy, you can treat insect bites in children

The children play in the Green and suddenly it happens: An insect stings. The Little ones are shocked and run to mom and dad, because you can’t assign the pain. These three simple tips promise fast help and pain relief for insect bites.

Tip 1: Natural Bite

A well-known remedy is the onion. You simply halve a traditional onion and press on the puncture site. Apple cider vinegar is also a natural remedy for pain tricks relief from insects. It cools the irritated skin, reduces inflammation and relieves the itching. If it must go fast, or just nothing at Hand, then also your own spit helps, it has anti-bacterial and pain-relieving agents.

Tip 2: heat, insect bite

Heat causes a rapid and sustained pain relief of the Insect. You can heat, for example, a spoon by placing it in boiling water. Make sure you but before contact with the skin to the fact that the spoon is only placed on the spot of the pass and not hot as 51 °C is.

Who needs a faster solution, you should have a Bite at home. The practical device fulfills the same Use as a spoon, however, is faster and requires no preparation time. The electronic bite away bite away immediately helps against itching, Burning, pain and swelling of insect bites. Unlike mitigating anoint the bite comes without the use of chemicals.

Tip 3: Cool the insect bite

Simple cooling packs from the freezer, give your child quick relief. Important: Wrap the heat pack with a cloth, otherwise the cold additional pain it could cause. You do not have heat packs on Hand? You cool a spoon and place it instead on the insect bite. Do you have Quark in the fridge? This is also suitable for the cooling of the Insect, as it stores cold well.

Bite: What to consider

In General, these tips and trick healers should quickly lead to a relief of the pain and reducing the Swelling of the Insect. This is not so, swelling of the throat even more, and is hot, then you should consult with your child to the doctor. The doctor has to assess whether it could be an allergic reaction and further treatment is necessary.

In the case of stings in the mouth and throat, you must call immediately for an ambulance. In the waiting period, your child ice cubes to suck, which can mitigate another swell should. Drinks and food are taboo, since the swelling to a suffocation.

Keep calm and reassure your child, in order to make the pain cause find. Once this was found, the majority of insect stings directly on-the-spot treat.

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