Advent: cholesterol view

Lush and fat-rich meals in combination with little movement, the cholesterol can drift values in the blood in the amount. Why is this dangerous and what can be done about it, explains pharmacist Petra angel-Djabarian, member of the Board of the pharmacists ‘ Association of Rhineland-Palatinate – LAV.

"Cholesterol is not bad. It is the processes of life, is benötigt&quot, such as hormone formation, cell structure and digestion in the body;, Engel-Djabarian. But: If permanently is too much cholesterol in the blood and deposits it on the artery walls. And that can be dangerous, because the blood vessels constrict. This leads to disorders of blood circulation. Parts of these deposits detach from the vessel wall, it can even lead to a so-called Thrombus. This can occlude smaller vessels in the heart or the brain, and there is the risk of a heart attack or shock attack.

Plant foods have a positive effect on blood fats

"Cholesterol is included only in animal foods, all herbal products are cholesterinfrei", angel-Djabarian explained. So you can keep reduced-fat and plant-based diet, the fats in the blood and also reduce. Endurance sports, such as Hiking, or the long-run have a positive effect on increased values have to Swim also. Anyone who wants to protect his vessel walls in addition to, and strengthen, the Omega-3 could help-fatty acids. Preparations made of garlic, or artichokes can lower cholesterol. Whether or not dietary supplements are useful to decide on the best of the doctor. Also, in addition consumed dietary fiber like Flaxseed or psyllium to reduce cholesterol in the blood. "The digestion liquor after a sumptuous Christmas menu, by the way nichts", so, the pharmacist. "He not only brings additional calories, and has no positive effect on the digestion and the blood."

Blood test shows

Who wants to test his cholesterol, is removed at the doctor or in the pharmacy well. The test results of the blood tests often result in multiple values: Among other things, the HDL (High Density Lipoprotein), known colloquially as good cholesterol, the bad LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein), the ratio of the two to each other and to total cholesterol. The guide will vary, depending on whether other risk factors or pre-existing medical conditions can values.

An elevated LDL does not drop value in spite of a Diet change is a clarification to the doctor is required. With prescription drugs, high values can often be well in the grip of wars.


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