Gynaecologist discusses whether a vagina can be ‘too big’ in myth-busting post

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A gynaecologist has answered whether a vagina can be 'too big' in a myth-busting post.

Heather Rupe, DO, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist from the US, answered the query in a blog post on WebMD.

The doctor, who admits she "sees about 35 vaginas a day" assured people that they "come in all shapes and sizes".

However, she explained that things such as childbirth, weight gain, sexual activity, gravity, and hormonal changes can have an effect on the contours of the vagina over time.

She then added: "…but is this a problem?"

When specifically answering 'Can a vagina be too big,' Helen stated: "If a woman hasn’t had an exceptionally difficult vaginal birth or any type of vaginal surgery, then no.

"If childbirth has damaged your pelvic floor and is causing structural problems, then consult your gynaecologist or urogynecologist."

The vagina is approximately 3-4 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. It expands for sexual activity and even more so for childbirth.

It can take 6-12 weeks for the pelvic muscles to recover from childbirth.

For those experiencing vaginal changes after that time following childbirth, such as leaking of urine, trouble controlling passing gas or holding in stool, pain with intercourse and tampons or menstrual cups falling out, Heather said there are things you can do to get your vagina and pelvic floor back into shape.

She commented: "You can start with weight loss (if your BMI is more than 30), Kegels, and exercises that strengthen your core.

"If these don’t work, then there are specialised physical therapists who are trained to help women strengthen their pelvic floor.

If physical therapy doesn’t help, it may be time to see a doctor."

Heather said gynaecologists or urogynecologists are the best types of doctors to see if you’re concerned there is something wrong with your vagina.

She said sometimes the perineal muscles (the muscles between your vagina and rectum) tear during childbirth and don’t heal as they should. Occasionally they need to be surgically repaired.

The expert warned not to use over-the-counter vaginal “tightening sticks” or “herbal remedies” to try to tighten or shrink your vagina.

She said these cause irritation to the vagina that induces swelling and can even cause severe vaginal burns.

For those worried about the outside appearance of the labia, Heather said you can see a plastic surgeon to reshape your vaginal lips, although she calls it "completely unnecessary in my professional gynaecological opinion".

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She also said a woman’s sexual satisfaction is not related to the size of the vagina.

Heather explained: "Stimulation to the clitoris and pressure to the inner front portion of the vagina enhance sexual response.

"Multiple studies have shown no difference in sexual function or satisfaction between women who have had cesarean sections versus those with vaginal deliveries, suggesting the normal stretching from a vaginal delivery does not make a difference."

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