Inner pig dog overcome: So it works this Time with our new year’s resolutions

Expert tips: Good resolutions to implement in the new year consistently

Exercise more, eat healthier, and finally giving up Smoking: Although a lot of people make new year’s resolutions, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with the implementation of the so often right. An expert explains how you can against the weaker tackle.

Implementation is difficult for many

With the Smoking a healthier diet, less Stress in everyday life, the use of Smartphone less stop, more sports, Many Federal citizens for the new year good resolutions. The implementation, however, are often difficult. An expert has some tips to help you to overcome the inner pig dog permanently.

Coated headers are usually doomed to Failure

Andrea Jacob-Pannier, a psychologist at the Barmer discourages unrealistic goals.

“Coated and vague new year’s resolutions are usually doomed to Failure. Promising are modest goals, which are then planned, but concretely and systematically implemented“, explains the expert, in a communication to the insurance Fund.

Better than the intent “I want to do more Sport” was the Plan, for example, “I want to go Jogging every Wednesday night, because it makes me fun”.

On the subject of excess pounds, it’s behaving similar. Instead of trying to short term slimming, it is better to understand the links between a balanced diet and regular exercise, and try things out.

You have reached the Balance, the pounds almost alone.

The good intentions of the family, or share with friends

It is important first of all to make such resolutions, behind which one could stand. “If you want to change something just because others expect it, not by a rule long,” says Jakob Pannier.

Once a decision, it may help to write down and clearly visible on the wall. In addition, you should tell the family or friends of the project.

“You have communicated a good intent clear, it is difficult to collect these simple,” explains the psychologist. In addition, you should put up alternative plans.

Who wants to about in the Winter, Jogging, should be a timely Alternative, such as, for example, swimming can think of, if it is outside rain or snowing.

Also a part of the success of offers

There is known to be difficult, should you remain in front of all in the first few weeks of his good intentions to it. The only way a new behavior will slow a habit.

Nevertheless, it is not helpful to think of a permanent grim on his new project.

“You should keep track of his good intent consistently, but also with the necessary Serenity and Confidence”, says Jakob-Pannier.

“Who has not reached its destination in the desired time, must be excited about his partial success”, the psychologist. (ad)