When the Cheating begins

A secret Chat on WhatsApp, contacts, under a false name in the address book saved, in spite of a relationship with a partner exchange stay logged in: everything is Micro-Cheating.

The term translated means as much as: a bit of a cheat. It is written with a person who is not the Partner, intense Social Media and Internet platforms. “In the few therapeutic practice, I have mainly Micro-Cheating, Flirting on the net is,” says the Frankfurter few therapist Bettina b.

Is Micro-Cheating Cheating already? For many couples, the border is fluent and is highly individual. “There are no DIN standards,” says couples and sex therapist Robert Coordes from the Institute for relationship dynamics in Berlin.

Also, b is convinced that many couples need to define their limits: “fraud is perceived of each Pair is different,” explains the therapist. A rule of thumb, is that Cheating starts in the Body, there are so.

The value of exclusivity in a love relationship was still very high, says African. Therefore, most people could agree on the abstract idea that infidelity begins where the trust within the couple’s relationship is broken.

Online flirting can be binding as a deeper look at the supermarket checkout

Against the occasional Flirt is nothing to be said, according to the experts, basically. “This is only an expression of vitality and also to reduce a possibility of tension,” explains Coordes. “The drug is neither an entry, nor the path into the Dark.” A very uncertain relationship could damage a Flirt, however, because this is done often out of a dissatisfaction with the relationship.

There is also the question of what it means to be a Flirt emotionally. Therefore, the virtual Flirt can be quite binding as a Flirt at the supermarket checkout. “If I’m standing at the cash register and realize that someone is looking at, and I throw back the view – even if it happens to me often, a the, of course, easier, than when I send hot love messages back and forth,” says African.

The most important question: Why?

More important than the question of How or What the question ” Why ” is. The reasons can be very diverse. B looks at the availability and the many choices as a reason. As a result, the impression: It could be somewhere a little Better.

Small scams not always arise from a dissatisfaction within the relationship. Melanie Mittermaier works as a relationship coach in Bad Aibling, and says, it could also be associated with a personal or professional crisis.

Mittermaier advises, think about what you want from the partnership: “it Is my goal to keep my partnership, or is it figuring out my goal, whether I want this partnership at all?” Also Coordes is recommended to observe one’s own Actions and to look for the own reasons.

May be someone feels in the partnership concentrated, and looking for an adventure. Then you might consider whether adventure in the own relationships.

Remember from Micro-Cheating Affected Partner a change, you should inform yourself and be open about your own feelings talk. Mittermaier does not advise, however, to fall into an indictment. The partners feel so under circumstances controlled and could have the feeling to need to go every Time and to be accountable to, if he reaches for the Smartphone. And that can fuel an alienation even more.

Coordes is recommended to ask instead, how is the Partner and at the same time, my own observations and Fears specifically, inform.