Brand-Name Drugs Keep Getting More Expensive: GoodRx Monthly Report

One of the biggest pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), Express Scripts, just announced that they will be dropping coverage for over 48 new drugs. This is bad news for many Americans who might find themselves on the hook for a drug that continues to increase in price.

Data from the GoodRx Index reflects overall US prescriptions (not fills using GoodRx) and comes from several sources, including pharmacies and insurers, providing a representative sample of nationwide US prescription drug volume.

The most popular drugs in July

Every month, GoodRx looks at trends in US prescription drug fills and tallies the 10 medications most frequently filled at pharmacies. This list reflects overall US prescriptions, not fills using GoodRx.

The most expensive drugs in July

GoodRx compiled list prices from manufacturer outpatient medications and calculated cost estimates based on typical fill quantity for each drug. These are the top 10 most expensive. In general, prices are based on a one-month supply of the most commonly prescribed form, dosage and quantity.

Some other news from July

  • GoodRx researched the most and least expensive cities for prescription medications. Is your city on the list? See here.
  • The FDA approved the first implantable glucose monitoring system—the Eversense CGM System.
  • New research indicates that we may be getting closer to an HIV vaccine. Read more about the study here.
  • Manufacturer Roche recalled Accu-Chek Aviva Plus diabetes test strips due to cracks on the testing pad.
  • The FDA approved a new generic for Uceris, used to treat ulcerative colitis.
  • Manufacturer Bayer is set to discontinue the Essure permanent birth control device following a rise in lawsuits.
  • Walmart released a new list of drugs to be included in their prescription savings program.
  • GoodRx compiled a list of popular drugs going generic in the next five years. See if yours is on the list here.

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