Certain spots on the finger signs for the diseases of nails are often

Our finger nails show our health

Our finger nails can be important indicators to give information about our health. Discoloration, stains, friable or brittle nails indicate possible diseases. We explain when it’s time to see a doctor for in-depth investigations.

Stains, discoloration, and grooves

Barbara Weigel by the Federation for cosmetic and pedicure establishments know how a healthy nail should look like this: “He is firm and yet flexible, has a smooth surface that is slightly convex, and is about 0.5 millimeters thick.” The nail is normally matt-transparent and seems to be due to the well-perfused nail bed is light pink. However, this description is not true. Often can be seen on the nails, stains, discoloration or grooves. These changes can tell us a lot about the health.

In the case of a suspected nutrient deficiency for blood analysis

It is often said that spots in the nails is a Vitamin, Eisen– or lack of calcium is due, but scientifically this is not proven.

Anyone who suspects behind his nail problems, however, a nutrient deficiency, should consult a physician and a blood analysis. Some of the changes to the nails should be but in any case go to a doctor.

In a post of the North German broadcasting will be explained, when it is recommended. The NDR from the language of the specialist in dermatology, Dr. Melanie Hartmann,
DermoCosmetic Center Hamburg.

Notes on skin cancer

White spots in the nails only harmless air inclusions, which occur during the growth of the nail.

Also yellow stains are often harmless. You can occur, among other things, by the contact with cleaning agents or red nail Polish.

In the case of light-brown discoloration, a visit to the doctor is the expert, however, is advisable as this could be the start of a nail fungus, if left untreated, the entire nail is destroyed and, also, can spread.

Also to the skin doctor, you have, if dark brown is not set to black spots, which grow out. It may be black skin cancer. Melanoma can appear as a simple skin fungus.

Completely normal consequence of ageing

Other problems are often troublesome, but not dangerous. Such as chipping and splitting of nails can be to a depleted, porous nail plate due, for example, by frequent hand washing or dishwashing.

If the nails break, however, over a period of months or splinters, it can actually be a vitamin deficiency (Biotin) or an underactive thyroid.

As it says in the post, the longitudinal grooves occur occasionally in rheumatism or liver disorders. In most cases, however, you are a completely normal symptom of old age.

Transverse grooves, however, a longer period of time often occur after severe gastro-intestinal infections, influenza with high fever, chemotherapy, or extreme Stress phases.

Scientific evidence

On the market numerous dietary supplements, creams, and coatings to be applied in order to ensure their ingredients for healthy nails, but scientific evidence is lacking.

Experts advise caution with such products. Overdoses, side effects, interactions can not be excluded. For example, an Excess of Biotin (Vitamin B7) can interfere with the absorption of Vitamin C.

Some creams and Oils can contribute to nail health by keeping the cuticles supple. This, in turn, the nail protects roots against foreign bodies and germs.

Tips for beautiful and healthy nails

In this context, one should know that the nail-skin – contrary to popular opinion – not stronger grows, and if you cut them more often.

To cut instead of you, it is, according to the experts, push the cuticles back. Ideally, swab with a fine wood.

Minor irregularities or discoloration on the nails can be removed with a fine manicure nail file gently. The contribution of the NDR, there is a tip on how to nails can do his finger is something to be particularly Good:

Before going to bed apply a moisturizing hand cream to the nails and nail sleep, massage in cuticle and then with gloves. The next Morning you have soft hands with beautiful, shiny nails. (ad)