Diet-studies: This plant active ingredient promotes Slimming!

Help in losing weight: Herbal agent activates satiety center in the brain

The majority of people the weight loss a diet is very difficult, because the feeling of Hunger signals, it is essential to eat. Relapses are practically inevitable. Now science has learning to a breakthrough. They discovered a plant-based active ingredient that soothes, apparently, Hunger.

Unhealthy Overweight

If you consider that Overweight or obesity disorders to health problems such as high blood pressure and an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack, can cause, there are indeed plenty of reasons to get rid of excess pounds. Many try to be dieting again slimmer. However, most of these methods in everyday life are not suitable, and experts argue already for years, what Form of diet is the best. Help can be reported on a new pill for losing weight, U.S. researchers recently. Or also a vegetable ingredient from the Chinese medicine. This enabled according to the German science saturation learning centers in the brain.

Significant weight loss and improvement of Diabetes

The guideline “prevention and therapy of obesity” is recommended for people with morbid Obesity depending on the Body Mass Index (BMI), a minimum of five to ten percent less weight in the year.

However, in spite of numerous diet and Lifestyle offers only a few reach this goal.

“That would be under this ‘magical border below’ is so important, it leads to an improvement in the metabolism and metabolic comorbidities such as type 2 Diabetes,” explains Dr. Paul Pfluger, Helmholtz Zentrum München, in a communication.

The scientist and his Team at the Department of neurobiology of Diabetes at the Helmholtz Zentrum München have now succeeded to make a contribution to the development of new Anti-obesity drugs.

The researchers were able to show that in Chinese medicine used herbal ingredient Celastrol leads to a significant weight loss and improve Diabetes in obese mice.

The results of the study were recently in the trade magazine “Diabetes“ published.

Drug switches on the feeling of satiety back

The scientists from Munich were able to demonstrate that Celastrol activates specific satiety centers in the brain involved in the control of body weight a Central role.

“Celastrol reactivates the body’s own mechanisms for weight control, the suspend in obesity”, explains Katrin Pfuhlmann, doctoral student and first author of the study.

“Normally, the Affected lose their feeling of satiety, because the corresponding hormone Leptin. We investigated the drug Celastrol restores Leptin sensitivity, and thus the saturation again,“ says the researcher.

Patient support in sustainable weight reduction

In fact, the experts observed a distinct change in eating behavior in the obese animals.

“The administration of Celastrol resulted in a mouse model to a significantly lower food intake,” says study leader Paul Pfluger. “Accordingly, we were able to determine within a week, for an average loss of about ten per cent of body weight.”

The findings the extent to which the people, according to the authors, is still unclear. Pfluger, however, is confident: “The satiety hormone Leptin acts in the human and mouse are almost identical, Celastrol has great Potential.“

The Slimming of the necessary change in the food habits and life circumstances will not replace Celastrol, could assist the patient in his efforts to secure a sustainable reduction in weight.

“Currently, clinical studies run in the U.S., first data from which we are very excited,” said Pfluger. (ad)