How You Can Safeguard Your Body This Summer

Summer has well and truly arrived – the sun is up bright and early, the temps are rising and our favourite summer fruits are back. Aussie’s sure are making the most of the great weather but make sure you don’t ruin your fun.


A couple of hot tips on choosing the right sunscreen – the higher the SPF the more protection you will get (we recommend SPF 50+). Don’t forget to re-apply if your getting the rays for more than four hours and if you go for a dip think about re-applying even sooner. Don’t make the rookie error of using a sunscreen that’s gone off in the cupboard during the colder months. There is nothing worse than lathering up to still get burnt.


We aren’t trying to be the pesky mother you never had but if you are spending extended periods of time in the sun wearing a hat or sleeves is a great way to protect your body. Don’t be fooled by the some cloud cover 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds.


Remembered your hands, feet and the back of your ears but forgot your eyes? Less than 10% of people realize that it is important to protect your eyes from UV rays. There is a simple fix for this one, choose a pair of sunnies that offer UV protection.

Ok, so we’ve covered the obvious ones! (Who could forget the slip-slop-slap?!) But the heat affects your body in more ways than you probably realise, so to ensure you’re fully protected this summer, here are our top tips;

Ramp Up Your Skincare Routine

Heat and humidity paired with increased dead skin cells and excess oil increase the chances of clogged pores leading to dreaded blackheads and acne. Increase your hygiene routine to avoid these nasty’s – drink plenty of water (2-3L per day), cleanse your face twice daily, exfoliate weekly and use a mud mask once a week to absorb any excess oil.

Prickly Heat

Prickly heat rash develops when a person sweats far more than usual and the sweat glands become blocked. Prickly heat causes an itchy rash of small red spots with a prickling or stinging sensation. Keep cool this summer using the Dyson Pure hot + cool link which automatically captures 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants. Whether you’re heating or cooling you can choose between personal mode for long-range, targeted airflow, or diffused mode for wide room projection.

Protect Your Hair

Our glossy locks suffer during the warmer months. Sun damage, heat and chlorine takes its toll leaving it limp and dull. Use an anti-chlorine shampoo and conditioner to help neutralize your hair and minimize the use of straighteners and hair dryers.

Switch Up Your Workout

As much as we’d love to have the same exercise regime all year round, beware of the rising temperatures. Swap your outdoor workout for inside the gym or the pavement for the pool – this way you will avoid overheating and being burnout by the end of your workout.

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