Nine Signs Your Thyroid Isn't Working Right – Women's Health

If you’re experiencing most or all of these symptoms, check in with your doctor and ask about thyroid and adrenal-gland tests.

1. Ongoing physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, even after getting a “good night’s rest” or taking a break.

2. Difficulty sleeping and/or concentrating. You also can’t seem to switch off.

3. Lack of interest in activities that you previously really enjoyed.

4. Change in appetite – loss or increase.

5. Anxiety levels moving from unhelpful to debilitating; panic attacks and other physical symptoms. 

6. Increase in illness – getting colds and flu more often, stomach/digestion concerns, back pain or migraines.

7. Higher levels of anger and irritability; little things set you off.

8. Constantly feeling overwhelmed – at work, socially and emotionally.

9. Increased levels of dissatisfaction – with work and/or your personal life. It just never feels like it’s improving.

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