Only 50 percent of the Germans to move enough

You sit too long and move too little: Many are German to their children, according to a study, not a good role model. The most Recent copy of the behavior of the Elderly. And it is known: the duration is sit next to lack of exercise as a stand-alone health risk.

At the Desk, when Online Shopping, and especially in front of the television: The Germans spend, according to experts, too much time Sitting – in the Mediterranean more than seven hours on work days. This is one of the new health report of the German health insurance (DKV). "The permanent Seats has far-reaching consequences for the fat – and blood sugar metabolism and makes people krank", the DKV Board of management Clemens Muth said. He called the German "a people of the Sitzenbleiber".

In addition, only half of the people moves according to the study, is sufficient. Duration of sit lack of-along with motion as a stand-alone health risk: It could not be completely through Sport to compensate, said Professor Gerhard Huber from the Institute for sports and sport science of the University of Heidelberg, the German press Agency. According to his words, the health risk increases from eight hours of Sitting per day. The world health organization (WHO) recommends for adults per week at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense physical work.

70 percent of the children have their own TV

The private Fund had in 2014 to consult more than 3000 German their health-related behaviour. It was also analyzed, specifically, how long, at what locations and for what reasons participants sit. Have not been evaluated by the participants. The results are reported to representative. In addition, approximately 300 parents on the use of media and the behaviour of their 6 – to 12-year-old children were interviewed.

Sit still and lack of exercise are according to the study, at the Latest on the agenda: Only a quarter of children’s daily time in front of the screen, under the recommended duration of one hour. A own TV in their bedroom, more than 70 percent in the survey of them, the half has access to the Internet. You copied the unhealthy lifestyles of their parents, said Muth.

Only eleven percent of the German life in perfect health

Overall, only a small part of the German cuts off the reporter really well: diet, exercise, dealing with Stress, alcohol and Smoking were only able to meet eleven percent of the respondents, the criteria of the DKV. In the Federal comparison, the Berlin-based behavior of the data according to the least health-conscious: you are sitting at the longest, in addition to smoke and drink quite a lot. The healthiest people in Mecklenburg lived-Vorpommern.