See The $60 Wedding Cake Made Entirely Of Woolies Mud Cakes

Whether it was Master Chef or simply a desire to be more creative in the kitchen, the fact is that food has taken on something of an artistic quality of late. Restaurants are now just as likely to serve up a degustation menu that requires you to put in EarPods that play sounds of the sea while cutting into your bite-sized seafood main course, as they are to serve bread at the table – only you can expect that bread to be made from something like activated charcoal, rather than gluten alone. When it comes to cakes, we’ve seen famous chefs transform the ole sponge into a new classic, something that looks too good to eat. But in all honesty, there’s one cake that reigns supreme in our book: the Woolies mud cake. 

Say what you will, but the Woolies mud cake is a five star delicacy. Moist, rich, and with the kind of chocolate ganache frosting that makes you weak at the knees. It’s far from your average wedding cake though, retailing for just $4 each when the average wedding cake can set a couple back $500. Yikes. 

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And in a feat we can only respect, one Victorian woman, Silvina Werner, made her friend a truly spectacular wedding cake out of 11 Woolies mud cakes, setting her back just $57 for a three-tier masterpiece. 

Silvina took to Facebook group Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks to share her achievement and all we can say by looking at the pics is that she should be proud. She captioned her post: “Wedding cake I made for a friend. 11 choc mud cakes from Woolies in total. Bottom tier consists of 4 cakes each made out of 2 mud cakes, second tier is 2 mud cakes and for the third tier I cut a mud cake into 2 smaller ones. Betty Crocker buttercream in between layers and covering. Fresh flowers supplied by the bride. Proud of my efforts.”

She even revealed just how she did it. “To make the bottom tier of the cake I used 8 mud cakes in total. I lined a larger tin with glad wrap and squeezed 2 mud cakes together to make one big one. It’s not as high as a normal cake but worked well as its the perfect height for one layer. Once they were in the tin spread out I just wrapped them and froze till needed. The middle tier is just 2 normal sized mud cakes with icing cut off and the top tier I cut one cake into 2 smaller ones.”

Get this woman on Master Chef. 

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