The smell of the mouth that will not go away? Behind it is a terrible disease could plug in – Video

Sweat, urine and breath can smell more than just bad – because they may indicate serious diseases. FOCUS Online makes them five unpleasant fragrances carefully, you should be sure to investigate.

A Person exudes in our environment, unpleasant odors, we move the fast to a lack of Hygiene. Sometimes too quickly, because certain scents can also be a sign of serious diseases. In the following five scents, you should probably investigate:

1. You or the people around you is a fruity-sweet odor of rotten Apples or nail Polish remover? If you notice the scent more often, you should be examined. Because: It could be a Symptom of type 1 Diabetes. The smell occurs when you have eaten nothing for a long time: Since he has used all other sources of energy already, recycled fats of the body.

2. An unpleasant, sweetish smell of the mouth can also be a reference to a tonsillitis: The existing purulent foci give off a sweet smell, emanating with the breath.

3. Unless you have just eaten asparagus, you should also be unusually-scented urine your alarm bells. The stench is caused by a bacterial infection of the urinary tract.

4. Your sweat has a sharp, acrid odor, they should be on the alert. You might have liver problems: Normally, the liver breaks ammonia from the blood to urea. In the case of a damaged liver, this removal doesn’t work anymore and the ammonia stays in the blood.

5. Sweat, the smells, however, according to the urine, can be a warning sign of kidney failure, the kidneys cannot excrete the urea completely in the urine, and give him, therefore, through the sweat.

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