'Toblerone Tunnel' Is The Body Trend Taking Over Instagram

If the term ‘Toblerone tunnel’ conjures up thoughts of a drool-worthy Swiss dessert, you need to get with the program – it’s actually a new body craze currently doing the rounds on social media. And just like the thigh gap, ab crack and pencil test that came before it, it has the potential to do some serious damage to those easily influenced.

In short, it refers to the triangular-shaped gap some women have between the top of their thighs and butts that, theoretically, you could fit a Toblerone chocolate bar through. 

Exhibit A:

NEW DROP LIVE NOW @inamorataswim ? @livincool

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Exhibit B:

bite me ?

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Exhibit C:

But here’s the thing – every figure is different. Some women’s hips are structured in a way that they automatically have one, while others have thighs that will always touch no matter what. Which is why The Toblerone tunnel is just another unrealistic and problematic goal to aspire to. 

Thankfully, many on social media are calling this out:

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