Cindy Crawford Mum-Shamed For Daughter Kaia’s Instagram Selfie

Kaia Gerber has quickly established herself as a hot commodity in the modelling world, following in her supermodel mum’s famous footsteps. At only 16-years-old, she made her Fashion Week debut walking for the likes of Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Prada and Burberry.

But with that burgeoning profile comes the critics, and her latest Instagram snap is a clear example of that.

The image, which features the bikini-clad teen sitting on a couch, has received plenty of comments slamming her small frame and shaming Cindy Crawford for not advising her daughter to “eat more.”


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“So skinny I can see your ribs. Health comes first girl… u r still growing,” one wrote.

“Poor young girl.. You are too skinny.. How can your mother let you do this? It’s too dangerous for your health…” another said.

“Maybe she could gain a little more weight and she’ll look a lot prettier,” wrote one commenter.

Fortunately, she had plenty of fans come to her defence.

can u tell we're related ?

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“I’m sure you eat well and are just naturally slim,” a commenter replied. “You are young and still developing. My 14 yr old daughter is also slim and gets many comments about how thin she is. She eats a lot and doesn’t like it when people comment on her weight. It gets her down a bit. I really wish everyone would stop judging people’s weight whether large or small because often it’s in their genes and out of their control. Kaia, you have a gorgeous, sensible mother whom I’m sure has raised you with good eating habits.”

“She’s only 16. A LOT of girls don’t fully develop until they become adults or start doing weights. I was always very skinny when younger and eat really well. People are just different.”

For the record, body shaming is never cool. It’s her body, her diet, her health and only her business.

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