Drew Scott Shares Adorable Photo Highlighting the Struggles of Eating Out With a Toddler

Toddlers are delightful. They are walking, talking little cuties, who are so curious about the world around them. The only problem? Taking them out in public can be, well, an experience — especially when they put all their newfound skills to the test. They love running away from their parents in the grocery store or screaming when they don’t get what they want (it can’t be just my toddler, right?), and going to a restaurant can be exhausting. Sure, they might sit quietly in the highchair and color the kids’ menu, then eat their food, or they could protest sitting still for so long. Drew Scott’s 16-month-old son Parker falls into the latter category, and his latest photo is such a mood.

“Apparently the conversation is better in the other booth 🤣,” the Property Brothers star captioned a funny new picture on Instagram.

He and his wife, Linda Phan, are sitting in a booth at a restaurant with Parker in between them. The toddler has one foot on the booth and one stretched out to the top of the booth, ready to climb over. His arms are halfway over the booth as well, and both of his parents have a hand on him to stop him.


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Aw, you can’t even get a moment’s rest when you’re trying to enjoy a holiday weekend! Toddlers definitely know how to keep you on your toes. Many people could relate. “And so it begins. 🙌❤️ 😂,” one person said.

Another warned, “Wait tell they decide it’s more fun to sit under the table😂.” Someone else joked, “Parker is just trying to go and sell houses.”

Linda Phan and Drew Scott at the premiere of "Beef" held at the Tudum Screening Room on March 30, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images)

Scott often shares relatable parenting tidbits on Instagram, like when he posted about his toddler’s anxiety-inducing new milestone: climbing stairs.

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