Joe Jonas’s Reported Split From Sophie Turner Might Be Related to the Pressures of Parenting

There’s no doubt about it: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s alleged split has come as a huge shock. (Especially since the Game of Thrones alum showed up at his Austin, Texas, concert Sunday night!) While the couple hasn’t commented on the news yet, sources revealed that their reported break-up might be related to the struggles of parenting.

Sources told TMZ that the “Cake By The Ocean” singer and Turner have had “serious problems” for at least six months. Some of these problems are related to parenting their two daughters, Willa, 3, and another daughter born in July 2022.   

Jonas has been watching their daughter “pretty much all of the time” over the last three months, according to the outlet. Insiders revealed that Jonas has the girls with him as he tours with brothers Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas across the U.S. as part of the Jonas Brothers’ “The Tour.” For her part, Turner has been filming a British TV series, Joan, over the last few months in London.

Parenting is challenging, and taking your young daughters on tour with you solo would definitely be hard. But Turner is filming in another country, so it makes sense the girls would be with their dad (and their aunts, uncles, and cousins). Jonas and Turner are celebrities with cool jobs, but they are just like any other family with two working parents — you divide up childcare in the way that makes the most sense, and this makes the most sense for them.

Many people didn’t like the way Jonas was being framed as going through some sort of hardship based on the fact that he is simply doing his job as a dad.

One person tweeted, “Sophie Turner shelved her career for a few years to be the doting wife and a stay-at-home mother, just for Joe Jonas to run to TMZ, screaming ‘divorce’ after she booked a singular job in the United Kingdom. lol what a joke.”

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