This K-Pop Star Just Wore Paper Clips in Her Hair and Fans Are Seriously Confused

When Jennie of Blackpink, says a hairstyle is a "new thing," you don't question it, no matter how unexpected it may be.

For a recent performance of "Forever Young" on South Korean music program Inkigayo, Lisa, a fellow member of the K-pop girl group, adorned her hair with multi-colored paper clips. Jennie snapped some selfies with Lisa before taking the stage and later posted her favorites on Instagram with the caption, "With my lili, paper clips on hair is a new thing huh." Well, Jennie, since you've put that into the universe, I have a feeling it will catch on to the rest of us. The post has gotten 1.5 million likes so far, so there is a possibility that the humble office supply could become the next big thing in hair accessories.

Blackpink is known for being experimental with their beauty looks, trying out some of the boldest hair colors, makeup, and nail art that you might have seen on Instagram. (You can check out some of them from their new music video for "Ddu-du Ddu-du.") Apparently, your desk supplies aren't off the table as materials for their stylists to use. For this look, Lisa's stylist braided her hair before looping dozens of clips into the plaits. The result looked like a colorful crown made of paper clips.

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You can also see the look in action below.

Personally, I'm into Lisa's paper clip-studded braids. Paired with "Forever Young," the playful look gives me nostalgia for butterfly clips and back-to-school shopping with my mom. I'm not sure where to get the '90s accessory anymore, so paper clips may just be the next best thing. Some Blinks (as Blackpink fans are called) on Twitter, on the other hand, are seriously confused about Lisa's styling choice.

Many have also pointed out that Lisa isn't the only Blackpink member to style her hair with something other than a standard hair accessory. Jisoo recently stuck several safety pins in her hair for a performance of "Ddu-du du Ddu-du" on Music Core. I guess when the members sing, "Blackpink is the revolution," they were referring to transforming the office-supply industry into a beauty one. Will Rosé wear binder clips in her hair next? I'm sure Jennie could pull off some kind of eraser-based look, too.

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