7 Best Wireless Headphones

1. For the data- tracker 

JBL Under Armour Sport wireless heart rate earphones. Love knowing what your ticker’s up to while you’re sweating? As well as blasting your tunes, these provide in-ear heart rate monitoring and deliver custom zone coaching in real time. You can also connect them to an app, which then lets you set goals and track activity. $149.95, jbl.com.au. 

2. For the sound snob

Jaybird X3 earphones. Link these music- plus- phonecall earphones to an app called Mysound to customise your sound settings and save your preferences to the actual buds. $199.95, JB Hi-Fi and Apple Stores. 

3. For the style lover

i.am.+ Buttons earphones. If you care about the look of every little accessory you attach to your body, these pretty rose- coloured buds tick all the boxes. $299, harveynorman.com.au.

4. For the cord-hater

Nuheara IQbuds. All the other buds here have the capability to wirelessly connect to your music. These ones are totally wireless – there’s no cord joining one to the other. Just water-resistant, noise-cancelling goodness. $399, shop.nuheara.com.au. 

5. For the really sweaty

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Sport Headphones + Mic. They’re not only sweat- proof, they’re waterproof. These nifty earphones don’t really have a wire connecting them – it’s more of a thick, flexible rubbery band that hugs the back of your head. $199.95, harveynorman.com.au.

6. For the time- poor

Panasonic Wings Sport Headphones. Battery’s dead and you’re still keen for a run? No problem! Charge these for just 20 mins, and you’ll have an hour of sound. Ideal for fitness lovers who like the extra security of the over-ear clip. $149.95, panasonic.com.au. 

7. For the odd-shaped ears

Optoma Nuforce BE Sport3 wireless bluetooth earphones. These have unique ear tip attachments and a clever ultralight metal design for maximum stability and noise isolation – perfect for those who have trouble keeping buds in their ears. $124.99, nuforce.optoma.com/au/. 

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