Best shoes for Peloton 2021: Get a great workout with these cycling shoes

The best shoes for Peloton are vital for making the most of your brand new exercise bike. Peloton has become a household name in the last few years, with many of us hopping on the spinning trend and buying a Peloton bike in order to keep up our motivation. 

Sam Yarwood, a strength and conditioning coach, plus a keen cyclist, told Live Science that there are different types of cleats and pedals: “For indoor riding, they’ll be shoes that will be compatible with the Delta cleats and pedals – which have three holes, or the Shimano SPD cleats and pedals – which have two holes.”

However, what are the best shoes for a Peloton bike? Do you have to stick with the brand’s own shoes, or can you pick different ones to suit your needs and tastes?

When you buy a Peloton deal you can buy the shoes as part of their accessories pack, but they may not be the best fit or budget for you. As with most spinning bikes, Peloton bikes need shoes that lock on to the pedals, helping you feel more connected to the bike. The shoes will be compatible with certain cleats and pedals – so making sure you get the right ones is advised before you splash out.

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Sam Yarwood told Live Science, “The shoes will come with the holes pre-drilled into the sole – so there are three components, the shoe, the cleat, and the pedal – and you need to make sure they are compatible with each other.”

Sam goes on to explain that the benefits of these types of shoes mean that you have more security and feel comfortable when you ride, while there is direct power transfer into the bike.

Best shoes for Peloton bike

Peloton Cycling Shoes

Best for those buying a Peloton bike bundle

The Peloton shoes can be bought via the Peloton website, either as part of your bike purchase or on their own. 

Independent customer reviews are hard to find for the Peloton shoes. However, users on Reddit have mixed opinions. “I have over 1500 rides in mine and they are still very comfortable,” says one user. However, another says “personally, I think the Peloton shoes are a bit expensive for what they are.”

Only available in black we’d love to see more variety when it comes to design and color, especially as there are so many other more vibrant brands. When you receive the shoes the Delta cleats (which attach to the pedals) aren’t already attached – although they are easy to screw into place.

Designed like classic bike shoes, the black shoes have two velcro straps and a third top ratchet clip, which means you can adjust the tightness of the shoe. The design also includes a breathable upper mesh design, while the tongue is attached to the last clip – which should help it stay in place while you’re riding. However, some may find the soles and the material used to be quite stiff, which some users may find noticeable when you’re riding. 

Venzo Cycling Shoes

Best for wide feet

This is a basic three velcro strap bike shoe that does come complete with cleats that are compatible with SPD and Delta pedals.

The Venzo cycling shoes fared very well on Amazon with numerous positive reviews and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 from customers. Many customers cited that the shoes were great value for money, due to their comfort and loved how the cleats were provided. Others said that they are perfect for wide feet. One disappointed customer was annoyed, however, that he had to attach the cleats himself and others said that the shoes are noisy when you workout.

This means that these shoes could be great for Peloton bike users. Designed with a highly-breathable mesh and synthetic upper, the textile lining of the shoe has a removable sock liner – so it should be easy to wash when you’ve had a long ride. 

The lightweight shoe also has a sloping heel and a low-cut construction around the back of the heel to allow for flexibility – but also keeps the foot feeling snug as you ride. The tongue of the shoe is also attached to the middle strap – a great add-on, meaning it doesn’t ride down when you get on the bike. Priced at just over $100, they aren’t the most budget-friendly, but they do have the cleats included, so you’re getting your money’s worth.  

Shimano RC1

Best for those on a budget

Perfect for road cycling and for use on the Peloton, these shoes are designed to be light, breathable, and comfortable. 

Amazon users gave the shoes an average rating of 4.4 out of 5, while there was a 64% five-star rating from happy customers. Most reviewers who left positive comments concluded that the shoes were great quality for the mid-range price, while others loved how comfortable and lightweight they were. Negative reviews cited the size issue, with some having to size-up their purchases. 

The lightweight shoes have a stiff glass fibre sole, to allow for stability, while they also have a 3-bolt cleat compatibility. The upper material is made from synthetic leather, meaning they’re not too stiff and give your foot room to move around. Meanwhile, they also feature mesh – allowing your feet to breathe while sweating.

The shoe is finished off with three adjustable velcro straps that hold your foot in place. The only two cons are that the cleats have to be bought separately and attached to the bottom of the shoes by the user. Meanwhile, they also come up smaller than normal shoes – so be mindful that it’s best to order them in either a half or full size bigger. 

Nike SuperRep Cycle Shoes

Best for a fashionable ride

These Nike clip-on shoes have a quirky design and come in an array of fun colours – such as pink and green. 

Customers who bought the Nike SuperRep Cycle shoes in Nordstrom gave the shoes an average score of 3.8 out of 5. Positive reviews cite how comfortable the shoes are and worth the investment, while others commented on how fun the colors are. However, negative reviews concentrated on the bottom of the shoe and how quickly the plastic can break when the delta clips are attached. Others did warn that the sizes come up half, or sometimes a whole size, too small. 

Breathable and lightweight, down to the shoes perforated footbed, its synthetic and textile upper and lining means it adds to their comfort. Online reviews suggest that the shoes do seem to come up small, but once you have the right size they should hug your feet while also giving you room to move while you’re exercising.  

The shoe design also includes a cross-over velcro buckle, plus one that reaches over and supports the ankle – a plus when you’re out of the saddle and need extra support. Compatible with both Delta and SPD cleats, it means you have an option when using these shoes, however, they also have to be bought separately. At the higher end of the market, they’re just below the cost of the original Peloton shoes, but these do come with cleats.   

Rapha Classic Cycling Shoes

Best as an investment for your cycling passion

If you’ve got a bigger budget and want some seriously stylish shoes for your daily Peloton rides then these shoes could be just the ticket. 

The Rapha Classic Cycling Shoes have great reviews on the Rapha website, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 and high scores for style and performance.  Positive reviews concentrate on the high quality of the shoe and also the snug fit – which is comfortable and not constrictive. There are very few negative reviews, however small niggles or warnings from customers say that you do need to go up half a size and the cleat markings can sometimes be hard to see. 

Their style is a cross between running trainers and golf shoes – with their sculpted heel and their dotted hole design. Available in three colors, we love their silver design, which gives the shoes a real edge. Unlike most shoes, they have laces instead of velcro fastenings, with one velcro strap located at the bottom.

Inside, these shoes for Peloton have arch support and a wide toe box, making them perfect for anyone with wider feet. The heel also acts to keep your foot in place, so there’s no slipping as you change positions on the bike. Perfect for both the Peloton and road racing, these lightweight shoes have been used by professional cyclists for years. At over $200 they are the most expensive shoes on our list, so it’s an investment. 

Giro Regime Cycling Shoes

Best for a long term investment

Reasons to buy

+Twin BOA L6 dials+Medium arch support

Reasons to avoid

Boring design

These Giro Regime Cycling Shoes might be the right shoes for you if you don’t think your Peloton obsession is going to wane any time soon.

Amazon customers who bought the Giro Regime Cycling Shoes gave the shoes a 4.6 average out of 5, with many saying that they were never disappointed with shoes from the brand. Other positive reviews said the shoes were good for wider feet and were true to size, while others loved the arch support on the shoe. Negative reviews concentrated on the design, believing they could be more inventive, while some customers complained that the upper portion of the shoe was slightly stiff. 

If you want to invest in a good quality pair of cycling shoes, then these Giro shoes not only look the part but are also designed for high comfort. Its unique shoe design is thanks to a one-piece Synchwire upper, which gives it a molded effect, but also keeps the shoe lightweight and allows airflow throughout it. 

There’s no velcro in sight with these shoes, instead, they rely on Twin BOA L6 dials, which help to adjust the laces. Inside the shoe, you’ll also find a 3D molded footbed with medium arch support – great for anyone who is prone to injury on the bike. Compatible with 3 bolt or pedal systems, they’re perfect for the Delta cleats, which Peloton uses. However, at over $200, they really are an investment, so you’ll have to be on your bike a lot to get the most out of them. 

Fizik Tempo R5

Best for narrow feet

We love the unique straps for these cycling shoes.

Amazon customers give the Fizik Tempo R5 shoes a 4.6 out of 5, with 80 percent of the review being 5 stars. Happy reviewers commented on how well the unique velcro straps worked, allowing their feet to feel secure. Other happy customers believe that they are good value for money. Negative reviews mentioned they were disappointed with the breathability of the shoes, especially in the summer, while some say they scuff easily.

The two bottom straps act like laces and wrap around the bottom of the foot, keeping them as tight as you desire while the top velcro strap secures your instep. The white design with black straps also reminds us of golf or bowling shoes, with the breathable hole design on the sides made with a comfortable Microtex material. 

The bottom outsole of the shoes is made with R5 nylon – meaning they should feel comfortable while also remaining secure when you ride. The tongue of the shoe is also attached to the final strap so it stays in place as you ride. These aren’t the most expensive shoes on the market, coming in at just under $100. However, it’s worth noting that they come without cleats, so these will have to be purchased separately.

Santic Cycling Shoes

Best for affordability

Coming in an array of colors, including metallic blue and green, these trainers are sure to get the attention of your fellow cyclists. 

The Santic Cycling Shoes average 4.3 of 5 from customers of Amazon, happy that the shoes are compatible with their Peloton bike. Other positive reviews concentrate on their comfort and affordability, while others like how the shoes don’t come up too big or small. Negative reviews cite how the holes on the bottom of the shoes can be too small to attach the delta clips, while one also mentioned that the ratcheting system needs work. 

Designed for road biking but also compatible for Peloton riders, they are a mid-range price, hovering slightly below the price of Peloton’s own shoes. They also have two velcro straps towards the bottom of the shoe and a top ratchet clip with a precision button, which allows you to adjust how tight you want the shoes around your ankle.    

The shoes also benefit from large-area ventilation holes on the side of the shoes for enhanced breathability and anti-slip material inside the shoes. Meanwhile, the heel has thickened protection to support the back of your foot when riding. The shoes don’t come with cleats, but with a three-holed delta design on the bottom of the shoe, they will be compatible with Delta or SPD cleats, which can be attached.

Shimano S-Phyre RC9

Best for multiple uses

Specifically designed for track racing, these super high-tech stiff racing shoes are a little different from your standard spinning shoes. 

Reviews on Sigma Sports give the Shimano S-Phyre RC9 shoes an average of 4.7 out of 5, with multiple five-star reviews. Positive reviews from customers cite how well they fit, with some mentioning how easy they were to get on and off with the BOA dial format for the laces. Negative reviews did cite just how stiff the shoes were and one customer noted how the midfoot wasn’t as wide as the rest of the shoe.

However, if you’re planning to do a little bit of both then these could be the perfect pair. Made with a carbon composite sole, this could make the shoes feel very stiff, but this should also equally make them great for track racing when you’re pedaling fast. 

The top of the shoe is made from a stretch-resistant microfibre, along with mesh that stops your feet from overheating. The shoes also benefit from both BOA dials, for the laces and velcro straps – meaning you can quickly make small adjustments mid-ride. At nearly $300 they are one of the most expensive shoes we’ve featured, so if you’re using them for both the Peloton and for racing they could be worth splashing out on. However, if you’re solely looking for the best shoes for Peloton, then you might be worth purchasing a different pair of shoes. 

How to choose the best shoes for Peloton

No matter whether you’ve picked up a great exercise bike deal on your Peloton, or you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are good enough to work for your road bike and your exercise bike at home, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best shoes for your Peloton bike – but comfort and price are the key factors.

Sam told Live Science that if you’re looking for a pair of budget shoes, you should still be looking at paying around $80 – 100. Meanwhile, for more high tech shoes that could have multiple uses, the price could go up to around $300. However, all shoes, even the budget ones, should have a long life span.

“Even the budget options should last for a couple of years, cleats and heels can be changed or mended, but most shoes that are well made should last for at least a couple of years.”

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When it comes to comfort Sam says a few things are key: “Breathability of the shoe is important if you’re using a bike indoors, so you don’t feel suffocated by them.” He goes on to reveal that the key thing for cycling shoes is that the sole is really stiff and rigid: “Older cycling shoes used to be made out of leather, which gave no real support. These days they are made out of carbon – this type of material means they can’t be bent, so support your feet when you’re moving. You also need a relatively stiff upper and a very secure fastening system so when you’re pedaling your foot stays secure – when you are pushing and pulling during your pedal strokes.”

Shoe fastenings vary – from the standard three velcro ratchet fastenings and even a BAO wire system. “BOA wire system locks are becoming more popular now with your more high-end shoes and they feel much more secure,” says Sam, “The cheaper models have a plastic ratchet fastening or velcro straps – which are fine, I used them for years to ride and they still feel secure.”

Lastly, Sam believes how the heel feels in the shoe is also important: “You need the heel to be snug but you don’t want to feel any real pressure points otherwise that could cause problems when you ride.”

The benefits of using the best shoes for Peloton

Spinning bikes have been using clip-on shoes for years and Peloton adapted this method to their bikes and shoes to make sure users felt comfortable and secure when riding out of the saddle and at different speeds. 

Sam says the benefits of using these shoes come down to two reasons, one being the ability they give you to transfer power into the bike: “The shoes are primarily a mask for your foot, meaning better power transfer from your legs into the pedals, which drive the bike.”

He adds that they are also an added security for you: “ It’s more comfortable for your foot, which means you can enjoy your ride more, for longer and harder.”

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