This Is How Many Women Have Sex On Their Periods

Research has found that only 15 percent of women on their period engaged in their usual sexual activity.

Clue, a period tracking phone app, teamed up with the Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team to survey 95,000 people from 200 countries about contraception and the crimson wave. They also discovered that 48 percent of women who had the painters in avoided all genital sexual activity while 41 percent prefer to stimulate their partner.

“It’s perfectly safe to have sex while you are having your period. It may be a little messy or awkward but it is not unsafe or unhealthy,” says ob-gyn Maria Sophocles told Women’s Health. It’s a completely personal decision, adds ob-gyn Alyse Kelly-Jones, “Don’t assume your partner is put-off by your bleeding. In fact, the blood can serve as a natural lubricant.” 

But disturbingly, condom use dropped by 15 percent during that time of the month and 30 percent of people admitted that they were less worries about pregnancy during their period.

While it’s unlikely you’ll conceive when you’re on your period, it’s not impossible. Sperm can stay alive in the body for up to five days plus many women have fluctuating cycles.

“Technically you can only get pregnant when you’re ovulating, which is a 48-hour window each month and should not be happening when you’re menstruating,” ob-gyn Taraneh Shirazian previously told Women’s Health.

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