Trainer Emily Skye on 'Bouncing Back' After Baby: 'It Takes Commitment, Time and Patience'

Emily Skye has some advice for new moms when it comes to “bouncing back” after having a baby.

The Australian trainer, who gave birth to her first child Mia Elise in December, has been candid with followers about her frustration with her post-baby progress. Now she wants other new moms to know they aren’t alone.

“No matter what your fitness goal is know that it takes time!!,” Skye wrote in a lengthy Instagram post comparing bikini selfies at one month postpartum and seven months postpartum. “Don’t expect changes straight away, that will only set you up for disappointment which can be very demotivating. Focus on being consistent and before you know it you’ll start feeling and seeing changes.”

Skye admitted to not seeing progress as quickly as she’d hoped as she worked toward her goal. “I would whine to [my partner] Declan because I wasn’t “bouncing back,” she said. “It takes commitment, time and PATIENCE!”

Skye also encouraged followers to practice self-love and to steer clear of making comparisons.

“It’s hard not to feel disheartened when others seem to get results fast. This is exactly why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others!” she said. “We’re all different so don’t compare your journey to me or anyone else. Remember, I started working out 9 years ago so I have muscle that has taken me years to build and muscle memory.”

Still, said Skye, “I’m nowhere near as fit as I was pre-baby and I do want to get fitter and build more muscle but again, that will take time. I just want to feel good, and be healthy so I can be the best I can be without putting pressure on myself. I love my body right now and will keep working to get fitter and stronger.”

As for her new mom fitness regimen, Skye explained that she opts for “efficient” home workouts that fit better with her busy schedule. When it comes to diet, she follows her own program meals most of the time. “They’re delicious, keep me full and aren’t hard to make,” she says.

And perhaps most importantly, Skye advocates for positive thinking, saying: “Don’t forget, no matter what your goal is it’s important to love yourself along the way and be kind to yourself.”

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