‘Yoga Skin’ Is The Beauty Trend Taking Over Instagram In 2019

Like an ever-evolving Pokémon, the beauty world is ch-ch-changing all the time. But unlike nude lashes, heart-shaped nails and Christmas tree eyebrows (which should never have existed, IMO), the latest trend to do the rounds is actually worth trying.

Enter, yoga skin.

Now, before you go jumping to conclusions, you don’t actually have to sweat out your sins in a 2hr Bikram class to channel the look. It’s simply a case of recreating that healthy, hydrated yogi glow with the help of some nifty makeup tricks. i.e mixing your base with some subtle illuminating products.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

And lucky for us, Sara Hill, the UK make-up artist who coined the term, has shared exactly how to master the technique.

“Prep skin as normal with your regular skincare and allow to absorb, give it at least 5 mins,” she wrote in an Insta story. “Then mix your facial oil, any strobe type cream, and a couple of drops of illuminator into your foundation.”

The formula should be about 60% foundation and 40% skin-mix. But if you’re an oily-skinned gal (*raises both hands*) she recommends changing the percentage to include less skin-mix.

Next, massage each layer in with your fingertips to “get the blood pumping and allow the product to work deeper.”

“Let each layer settle for a minute until you have built up the final effect you want,” she added.

Then, simply brush your eyebrows with some clear mascara in an upwards direction and add a touch of cream shadow. Simples.

You can watch the full tutorial below:

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