Kim Kardashian’s Genius Trick For Getting Makeup Stains Out Of Clothes

The Kardashian clan have been very busy of late, sharing beauty tips and tricks that they have picked up over the years. From Khloe’s go-to makeup products to Kim’s sneaky hack for ensuring your fake tan looks more natural. And they’re back at it again, with Kim revealing her trick for getting makeup out of clothes.

“There’s nothing worse than being fully ready and realising you have foundation on your clothes,” Kim said on her app. She then shared that her secret to getting makeup out of clothes is by using shaving cream. “To get rid of makeup stains, shaving cream often does the trick… Just apply to the stain and then lightly wet or wash. If the stain still won’t come out, you can use a drop of rubbing alcohol mixed in with the shaving cream. The stain should lift out easily,” she explains.

While we haven’t personally tried this hack, the fact that you can get your hands on shaving cream for less than $2 makes it a much cheaper option than dry cleaning, so we’re up for giving it a go.

This hack sounds like it’s worth a try, but here are all the beauty hacks you should steer clear of at all costs.

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