17 Fitness Must-Haves for New Moms

Versatile Shoes

Let’s start at square one. The building block to working out safely is a good, supportive pair of sneaks. (And it doesn’t hurt if they’re cute too.) These shoes do it all; they’re supportive enough to wear on short runs and sturdy enough for gym workouts. And they’re super-lightweight and durable, so they won’t weigh your diaper bag down or get destroyed in there.

Sneakers, $69.97 (was $80) at Reebok

Comfortable, Supportive Leggings

These leggings are preposterously soft — great for everyday wear postpartum when your whole body can be sensitive. But they’re also supportive and a great choice for yoga, barre, Pilates and other low-impact workouts.

Tights, $66.99 – $89 at Athleta

A Grippy Mat

One way to make sure a workout happens is to do it at home. A good mat is essential, and new moms love this one, which has extra grip on the ends to stay put and a super-soft middle.

Mat, $78 – $88 at Lululemon

Some Basic Equipment

You’ll be amazed at how much you can do with just a set of dumbbells. Whether you get workout content on DVDs, an app or streaming through YouTube, nearly every program will call for a pair, so they’re great to have handy.

8-pound dumbbell, $10 each at Evine

A Sports Bra You Can Nurse In

If you’re breastfeeding and like lower-impact activities, throw on a nursing sports bra in the morning and you’ll be ready to go as soon as Baby is fed. (Note: For high-impact activities like running, even nursing sports bras that say “high-impact” may not have enough support — your mileage may vary!)

Sports bra, $48.30 (was $69) at Boob

A Sports Bra That Can Handle Anything

We’ve tried a lot of options when it comes to combining high-impact activities and nursing, and the best option we’ve found is this zip-front bra, which has insane support and gives you immediate, easy access to your boobs. Not the most orthodox solution, but hey, it works! (And it works best when paired with a muscle tee.)

Sports bra, $108 at Lululemon

A Swingy Muscle Tank

Perfect for pre- or post-sweat nursing. Just drop down your nursing bra and pop a boob out the side, then get back to business. (We love wearing them as regular tops too.)

Muscle tank, $58 at SoulCycle

A Simple Top Layer

Between us moms, sometimes, having enough time to work out means not having enough time to shower afterward. That’s OK! Throw on a cute hoodie and call it an outfit. (Bonus: A zip-front is handy for breastfeeding too.)

Hoodie, $60 at Kohl’s

Wireless Headphones

Honestly, anything that saves you even a 10th of a second is worth it when you’re a new mom. The AirPods do just that by syncing automatically to your phone, pausing the music when you take one out of your ear and never, ever tangling. Plus, they actually stay put.

AirPods, $159 at Apple

A Yoga Ball

If you have one of these from giving birth, good news! It’s also a great fitness tool. Not sure how to use it? This version comes with an instructional DVD.

Yoga ball, $19.98 at Amazon.

The Best-Ever Running Shoes

We love running because it maximizes every free second; as soon as you’re out the door, your workout starts, and it’s not over until you get home. If you’re serious about running it’s best to have dedicated sneakers. And dedicated runners love these, especially for longer races.

Sneakers, $180 at Adidas

Really Great Underwear

While your body recovers from giving birth, you may experience some… extra discharge in your underwear, especially when working out. Knix underwear to the rescue! They have an extra-thick, extra-absorbent center that can handle sweat or, uh, anything else your body might have in store.

Underwear, $14 (was $18) at Knix

All-Day Workout Pants

While juggling an unpredictable new baby, you never know when a free moment might pop up, so be ready in these joggers. They’ve got a high rise and adjustable waist, which is great as your postpartum body shifts, and they’re somewhere between workout pants and real pants — stylish and sweat-wicking. Win-win.

Pants, $108 at Lululemon

The Best Socks

People don’t usually gush about socks, but these are awesome. They’re soft, springy, moisture-wicking and designed for running, but they’re great for any activity, including snuggling a baby all day.

Socks, $16 at Bombas

High-Waisted Leggings

You probably learned while pregnant that there is nothing greater than a pair of high-waisted leggings. Surprise! Still true.

Leggings, $18 at Kohl’s

Hair Ties

No shame in a good ponytail game! Keep your wrist ready with these cool mesh ties.

Hair ties, $12 at Carbon38

Water Bottle

New moms are perpetually dehydrated, so make sure to keep water around while you’re working out. This one comes in a handy 32-ounce size.

32-ounce water bottle, $20.99 at Amazon

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These are the only new year/new you/new mom workout items you’ll need.

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