James Read Applies THREE Layers of Self-Tanner to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Legs

Self-tanner is so much easier to apply when it's not applied by, well, yourself. Celebrities enjoy the benefit of having self-tanning pros like James Read available to them to ensure that the tricky dihydroxyacetone formulas go on and develop evenly, but they can learn a thing or two by watching those professional techniques — and so can we. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, for example, has enjoyed perfectly tanned legs thanks to a trick Read uses on her and other clients, and it's one you can do at home.

Read, who owns the eponymous collection of self-tanning products, James Read, told E! News that the secret to Huntington-Whiteley's enviable results is not one, not two, but three layers of self-tanner. "I layered the tan in fine layers," he said of his technique for one of the model's recent red-carpet appearances. "By the time I got to the third layer, it looked like one because I built them up. It makes the tan deep and last longer." In addition to the layers being light, he says another key to getting great results is applying the product the day before an event, not the day of. All you'll need at that point is moisturizer to add a little sheen.

If you prefer a self-tanning formula that leaves a bronze tint instantly, like James Read Instant Bronzing Mist, he suggests a different technique: mixing it with moisturizer instead of waiting until the next day. "The tanner in the moisturizer will lift the express tan that you have," he told E! News. "In a couple of hours, you'll get a really nice tan that will have a wet look that makes the legs reflective."

Read, who has also worked with Mariah Carey and Naomi Campbell, insists that you need to have a towel on hand when tanning your legs, especially when using the three-layer technique with a spray formula. And that's not just to protect the floor. Feet tend to be drier and more likely to suck up color, so you should put a towel over them while spraying your legs.

With a little practice, your results could look as stellar as if the self-tanner was applied by Read himself.

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