Women’s top 20 favourite luxuries revealed – and removing bras is one of them

Getting into a bed with fresh sheets, enjoying a takeaway instead of cooking and the aroma of a perfume are the ‘little luxuries’ women treat themselves to, a study has found.

Busy schedules leave little time to relax, meaning women are using simple but effective methods to wind down, including enjoying a sweet treat or the fragrance of a soothing scented candle.

Taking your bra off at the end of the day, the smell of freshly washed laundry and a back rub also featured on the top 20 list of simple but effective rewards women are enjoying.

More than one in 10 enjoy clothes with a fragrant smell and in true British fashion, one quarter agreed you can’t go wrong with a proper cup of tea to wish your troubles away.

The study of 2,000 women aged 35 and over by Lenor also found nearly half are so busy juggling life they rarely find the time to treat themselves. Which is evident when a fifth typically indulge in a ‘little luxuries’ less than once a month.

Laura Mcilwaine, Brand Manager for Lenor said: “At Lenor we understand that it’s the little luxuries in life that can make you feel special and a beautiful scent has just the power to do this.

"That’s why we’ve created the Parfum des Secrets range: a collection of premium fabric enhancers inspired by fine fragrance and proven to last even longer, so you can bring a touch of luxury to your life, without a luxurious price tag.”

A quarter of those polled in the study feel stressed multiple times a day, and more than a third feel the pressures of modern life resulting in anxiety more than once a week.

One third agreed they are most deserving of a little treat at the end of a hard day at work, with one in 10 feeling the need to spoil themselves after a tiff with their partner.

And, on average, women aged 35 and over reckon they get just over 10 hours a week to themselves.

It’s no wonder two thirds wished they had more ‘luxury’ in their life, but fifth are simply too tired after the hustle and bustle of a busy day to reward themselves.

And an equal number would rather spoil their loved ones.

In further attempts to alleviate the weight of worry, 43 per cent will simply take a walk outside with just a fifth actually taking the time to talk to someone about their troubles.

Others will hit the gym, read a book or even enjoy the scent of a calming fragrance.

But these little luxuries are working just as many wonders to reduce worry, as nearly half said they feel relaxed after treating themselves, with a fifth feeling de-stressed or a sense of calm.

And six in 10 are more likely to indulge in little luxuries than extravagant purchases to reward their efforts.

Eighty-six per cent agreed pleasant smells make all the difference when living a little luxury, with lovely scents doing just as much to ease the pressure of modern life.

More than half love the smell of nice scents on skin and clothes, with three in 10 reporting it makes them feel special.

And an equal number agreed it helps improve their mood, with nearly half saying it helps them feel relaxed.

A good compliment on our scent can also go a long way, with almost three in four reporting positive reactions on their scent in the past as making them feel special, confident, attractive and appreciated.

However, half of those surveyed said they have been unable to find a scent which makes them smell great all day long, turning to measures such as topping scent up throughout the day, to spraying it on clothes to make the good vibes last longer.

Laura Mcilwaine of Lenor added: “Scent has the power to transform your mood so it’s no wonder that it’s a reoccurring theme in UK women’s favourite little luxuries, but what good is a delightful scent if it doesn’t last?

"The Parfum des Secrets range has been formulated to last longer than fine fragrance on your clothes to give you premium scents that you love and can rely on.”

Top 20 favourite little luxuries:

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