Princess Charlotte & Her Granny, the Queen, Share a Major Passion

OK, we’ll just put it out there: We have a sneaking suspicion that Princess Charlotte is Queen Elizabeth’s fave grandchild. Not only is she literally a physical mini-me of the monarch (seriously — google some pics of Elizabeth as a wee lass), Charlotte already possesses the ability to command attention at any event — and completely upstage her siblings. (George and Louis who?)

And now, we’ve found out that Princess Charlotte is crazy about horses just like her grandmother. Apparently, Charlotte started riding when she was 18 months old — no biggie. You know, just riding for, like, half her life. The Duchess of Cambridge (that’s Kate Middleton in case you need a royal refresher) spoke with equestrian Natasha Baker in 2016 about her budding equine enthusiast.

“I asked her how the children were and she said Charlotte is really enjoying her riding, which is great to hear, and I said we may see her here on a line-up in 20 years time,” said Baker according to the Mirror “[Kate] emphasized that Charlotte has this passion for horses and although she doesn’t echo it, she’ll do her best to champion and encourage it.”

I mean, can you envision a day when Charlotte and her granny trot together on adorable shaggy ponies around the palace? Any palace they choose. We don’t care. We can see it now. In 10 years, when the queen is 102 and Charlotte is 13, the two royal peas in a pod can ride together and trade sly, snarky comments about world affairs, school drama and dull high teas as they canter through a protected magical glade.

Yes, we know. Charlotte’s only three. Yes, we know a career as a jockey is probably forbidden. But mad equestrian skills run in the royal blood. Take Charlotte’s dad’s first cousin, Olympian Zara Tindall, a notable equestrian athlete like her parents, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. Tindall won the Eventing World Championships in Aachen, Germany, in 2006 and is already riding again professionally just two months after the birth of daughter Lena. Who’s to say Charlotte won’t be eventing down the line?

We’re betting on it.

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