Google Searches Reveal Which States Have Gotten the Most Sunburns So Far This Summer

By now, hopefully everyone and their mothers are using sunscreen every day, and especially on occasions when they'll be getting more sun exposure than usual, like a trip to the beach. But sometimes, no matter how diligent you are when applying (and reapplying, and re-reapplying) sunscreen, you can end up with a sunburn. I'm not going to name names, but I even know some beauty editors this has happened to recently; and while they may know right off the tops of their heads how to treat sunburned skin, other folks may turn to Google to search for sunburn solutions.

Well + Good reports that Google Trends reveals the volume at which different states searched for "sunburn," and for the months of June and July, it appears Hawaii was home to the most inquiries. Considering that the state's upcoming ban on some types of chemical sunscreens doesn't go into effect until 2021 — and considering there's plenty of other effective types of sunscreen formulas available nonetheless — this summer's "sunburn" searches are probably a coincidence. And interestingly, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association reported earlier this year that Hawaii has the lowest skin cancer rate of any state's population. So perhaps it's tourists whipping out their smartphones while still on vacation?

The other two states rounding out the top three "sunburn" Googlers aren't the typical sunny vacation spots you might assume. Maine and Delaware follow Hawaii for the highest search volume, and, in fact, the majority of the top 10 are east-coast states, with Rhode Island, West Virginia, South Carolina and New Hampshire following the Pine Tree State and First State.

If, despite your best efforts and highest SPF, you find yourself sunburned, check out these dermatologist tips for the fastest and most effective treatments.

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