My day on a plate: Ortenzia Borre

Motivational speaker and author, Ortenzia Borre, 31, shares her day on a plate.

Ortenzia Borre.

Ortenzia Borre.

6am A glass of filtered alkaline water and another 400ml on the way to work.

7.45am Wholemeal toast with jam and a weak skim latte while in hair and make-up for a TV campaign.

1.15pm From the catered lunch, I choose a variety of salads including chicken and avocado, Greek and rocket with pear. I wash it down with magnesium and spirulina supplements and half a litre of water.

2.45pm Three squares of rum and raisin dark chocolate and another half a litre of water between shooting scenes.

6.30pm An entrée of a ricotta- and herb-filled zucchini flower followed by grilled chicken with cabbage and carrot coleslaw. I finish dinner off with a few spoons of vanilla ice-cream from a shared dessert.

Dr Joanna McMillan says:

Top marks for … Controlling your portions of sweet treats. Dark chocolate is rich in beneficial plant chemicals called polyphenols, but is also energy-dense, so sticking to three squares was commendable – as was having only a taste of a shared dessert.

If you keep eating like this you'll … Maintain good weight control and have a low risk of diet-related conditions. However, opt for a variety of food choices to ensure you're getting a broad intake of nutrients.

Why don't you try … Rather than having chicken twice, opt for a lean red meat to boost iron, commonly low in women, and include oily fish such as trout, salmon or sardines twice a week. A daily handful of nuts would be a whole food and a natural source of magnesium.

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