Dimpleplasty Is the Latest Plastic Surgery Trend For Millennials

Move over, lip fillers! Dimpleplasty is reportedly the newest cosmetic procedure trend among millennials.

While star’s like Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Garner scored their dimples through basic genetics, other’s are not so #blessed and are choosing to acquire them with the help of medical professionals.

Transformation photos have taken over Instagram these past few weeks, with before and after images of patients gaining fast attention.


Tangie Larkin of Hip Hop radio 97.9 got some dimples today.

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Natural dimples are created when the muscle under the skin flexes and pulls the skin. So, how do you go about faking dimples?

Dimpleplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that involves “little downtime, enhancement of facial aesthetics, and lack of need for general anesthesia” according to Wright Jones, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon from the US.

Speaking to Allure, Jones said that the dimpling treatment takes about 30 minutes and involves creating an incision inside the patient’s mouth, “where a defect is created in the cheek muscle, known as the buccinator.”

“The muscle is then attached to the undersurface of the skin so that the dimples are seen upon animation, but not when the face is relaxed,” he continued.

Jones went on to explain that any deformities are incredibly difficult to correct.

“Dimples could be overly dramatic, appear underwhelming, look unnatural, disappear with time, or even be located in the wrong place,” he told the publication.

Patients can expect to be left with semi-permanent dimples for one to two months, along with swelling and soreness, before they begin to operate like “normal” dimples. The procedure costs bewteen US $800 and $3000.

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