These Are The Strange Baby Names That Are About To Soar In Popularity

Following the news that one of the most popular baby names of our childhood could soon go extinct, it looks like unusual baby names are on the rise.

Millennial parents are steering clear of ordinary or common names to make their children unique. 

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Nameberry looked at the most unusual names to crack the US top 1000 baby names, and there were some interesting ones.

1. Antonella

2. Calliope

3. Mavis

4. Poppy

5. Sylvie

6. Benicio

7. Creed

8. Foster

9. Kylo

10. Ralph

11. Shepherd

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Some of the names are drawn from popular culture (such as Kylo from Star Wars and Mavis from Hotel Transylvania). However some look back to vintage favourites like Poppy and Sylvie.

It seems that the days of ‘Andrew’s, ‘Matt’s and ‘Anna’s may soon be gone with the new trend of unusual baby names!

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