This Physical Attribute Is The Number One Turn-Off On Dating Apps

It’s an unfortunate fact all dating app users know to be true: you’ll be judged on aesthetics long before you get the chance to dazzle prospective mates with your winning personality.

Yup, we singletons are a shallow bunch. And if recent research is anything to go by there’s one physical attribute that trumps all others to garner an instant swipe left:

Bad teeth.

According to a survey by Plusnet, a DP featuring gnarly gnashers it’s the number one turn off amongst those looking for love.

Other massive no-nos include cheesy bio lines (espesh if they’re not original) and (surprisingly) topless pics.

In fact, 47 per cent of us admitted a snap sans shirt would put us off from striking up a convo.

So, if your love life’s been suffering as of late, remember first impressions count. 

Try perfecting your smize, hitting up The Iconic and working on those witty one-liners. (You’re welcome.)

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